Sailor Moon Clothing & Swimwear Collection from KLING

Now is the time to get back to what my blog was originally about. Sharing awesome, beautiful stuff I stumble upon on my own accord in real life, on the internet or on a TV or cinema screen. This week whilst out shopping for Miz’s birthday present, I popped into KLING, one of the fashion stores in Spain that has really captured my imagination. It makes me think of Louche from Joy, Meadham Kircheoff and makes dressing like a cartoon character or 90s kids TV presenter a reality with a sweet, doll like 60s vibe which is totally my fave. The main thing that made me squeal on this trip was KLING’s newly launch Sailor Moon inspired collection which includes dresses, knitwear and even swimwear!

sailor moon collection from kling promo

The pics aren’t all online just yet but if you visit their website you can see a few pieces filtering into their NEW tab. In store, I spotted three styles of Sailor Moon one piece swimsuits, intarsia knitwear and some really sweet dresses and tops. I’ve looked everywhere for the cut outs, instead I stumbled upon their incredible themed photoshoot they’ve realised for the collection which basically sums up my entire taste in a beautiful set of styled, artistic portraits of the most anime looking model. So lovely. So, I’m sharing those for your to admire.

I don’t know anything about the manufacturing process of this brand, but I know that they have a lot of garments in 100% cotton which is my fibre of choice. They’re a Spanish based brand from Madrid and they are available in their own very pretty stores and in adorable concessions in El Corte Ingles, Spain’s answer to John Lewis. Prices are very reasonable with dresses from 38 Euros and their sales always have very generous discounts. I absolutely love their style, I just wish some of the dresses were a little longer for me.



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