Day: April 6, 2017

The Best Films I’ve Watched So Far This Year (Without Spoilers)

Did you know that I have a degree in Cinema, Photography & Television? Yes, I know it probably wasn’t the smartest move, it allowed me to join the crowd of a gazillion other people working in marketing who did creative degrees and are now not doing that much creative stuff anymore, hey if you’re in the same boat!

If you want to be creative, just be creative, you don’t need a qualification in that, you just need practise and passion. Anyway, due to society that degree makes me officially qualified to write this article, as if my opinion wasn’t valid otherwise, le sigh. There’s SO much crap coming out of the big budget film industry, so I’d like to take some time to highlight some less obvious film choices that I loved and that you might dig too.

Remember also, if you love any art form (music, art, film, writing…etc.) you need to publicly support it and fund it to keep it going. Being a creative on any level is becoming increasingly difficult as time goes on and society starts to value cheap commodities over life enriching content, it’s quite sad. Remember that when you have to choose between a night out drinking at your local ‘spoons or paying a fiver to see some local bands. You can get pissed or you can help fund some hard working artists. Your choice, of course.

Anyway, back to the point. Here’s some of my film highlights of the year so far, I hope to write more content like this as the feeling captures me. Film has always been a massive passion of mine, so it’s been weird that I haven’t ever shared it much. Let me know if you watch any of these and if you can recommend anything that we actually haven’t already seen. Good luck with that, we watch a lot of films. Oh, and a tip: if you can watch a new film without reading too much about it or watching the trailer, you’ll have a way more interesting experience! Social media has spoiled so many great things for me by over-communicating essential things like plots and twists, which is why I’ve kept this article simple and spoiler free.


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CRAP Eyewear designs from LA aren’t actually crappy.

Well, as far as I can see they aren’t crap. I discovered CRAP Eyewear this week after spotting on Facebook that old fave of mine, Lazy Oaf are now stocking a range of the American brands shades for Summer. The brand really appeals to be because of it’s surfer, skate and 70s punk rock vibes, also their lookbook photography is totally kick ass.


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