Day: April 16, 2017

Embracing Basic Beauty…

I’m not talking about natural beauty here as that would be a cliche. I wanted to talk about basic beauty. Being OK with yourself without any make-up or artificial enhancements and how you don’t have to spend a fortune on complicated products to be able to treat and improve your natural beauty from the comfort of your own home. I’ve been interested in the use of natural remedies and ingredients for a long time. My Mum’s a keen gardener and her green fingers have transferred to me now that we finally have space for a few plants on our balcony. I’ve worked with natural beauty brands a lot over my career as well, I love seeing how brands take inspiration and proper performance products from nature. It’s basic beauty, something we should all learn to embrace a little more often. Oh! And I’ve spent today doing some little watercolour illustrations to go alongside this, because I need to practise my art more often.

Basic Beauty Web Size

My recipe for basic beauty, illustrated by me in pen and watercolour paint.

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