Day: October 31, 2017

#IndieLove: 8 Twin Peaks Inspired Gifts & Accessories

Can you believe that I only started watching Twin Peaks properly this year? Despite been a film and TV nerd for my entire life and spending 3 years studying the subject at Leeds Uni, I somehow, managed to miss out on this hype. I think I tried to watch the first episode a few times […]

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Illustration: Creatures from Greek Myths & Legends

For my next trick for #Inktober I went along another nostalgic route with a series of creature creations inspired by Greek myths and legends. These stories are ones I grew up with from my Dad reading the Iliad and the Odyssey to me as a little one, to obsessively watching Xena & Hercules on Channel 5. One of my first memories of seeing stop motion animation was the creature creation of special effects legend, Ray Harryhausen, particularly in Clash of the Titans (1918, Dir. Desmond Davis) which I still dig today.

Mermaid Edit

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