Illustration: #InColourfulCompany Portrait Series by Jayne Kitsch

Here’s something new from my blog! I’m going to start using it as a place to log any interesting projects I’ve worked on in my personal and professional life. So you’ll soon see this site evolve even more into a portfolio website rather than just the blog that it was before. Over the past year, it’s been truly awesome to get back on track with being creative and practising my art, so I’m looking forward to sharing more in this area. You can get an overview of other projects I’m involved with on my homepage.

One of my most recent personal projects stems from the Facebook Group and online community of In Colourful Company. If you haven’t seen this before, love colourful stuff and creative people, I’d say you should go check it out. It’s a community full of kindness and the level of excitement for each other’s projects and passions that you don’t see very often.

I needed a personal illustration practise project, so I asked members of In Colourful Company to share with me their favourite selfies and outfit posts for me to draw from. I’m in the process of working my way through all the brilliant submissions I’ve had. Here’s the set I’ve got so far, you can see more info and bigger versions of these on my Instagram, so you can give them some love on there if you dig what you’re seeing or want to know more about the people featured.

It doesn’t take long to leave a comment or a heart on someone’s Instagram posts and it really helps them reach more people if you do. Sod Instagram Pods, just interact more with the content that you love and you can help combat the algorithm!

I’m available for illustration, craft and art commissions of all kinds and have a few illustrated items already listed on my Etsy shop. If you’d like to discuss something, please reach out via Kitsch.inc‘s contact information or via social media @JayneKitsch.




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