#IndieLove: 6 Awesome Stranger Things Themed Gifts

Super excited for the return of Stranger Things to Netflix this month, in celebration I thought I’d whip together a bunch of ace fan art related products that you might like. Naturally, these are all from indie and small businesses, so the best kind of people to shop from in my opinion. I’m really not a fan of fan art that is too obvious or reproduces content from the original source too closely, so I hope you’ll enjoy my more abstract approach to this list.

That’s a pretty epic and unexpected collection right? Want to know what you’re looking at and where you can get it? Here’s the info along with Etsy affiliate links so I can earn commission for helping you find these cool items. That little kick back helps fund more blog posts and more creative content, whilst also helping out other creative and small businesses, everyone wins!

Actual 1984 Demigorgon Dungeons & Dragons figurine as featured in Stranger Things series 1,  £22.84 from DemigorgonThings. Welcome to the Upside Down Fabric Patch, £6 from the awesome Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes! Barb & Eleven Prayer Candles, £17.25 from TheEternalFlame. Stranger Things Comic Book Fan Art Papercut Artwork, £24.99 from 33Games. Beautiful Eleven Pastel Pink Dress, £69.80 from Spanish brand, Swinging Chicks. Kitty Cat Eleven Ceramic Plate, £22.80 from Italian brand, Susanna Alberti.

Hope you enjoyed my edit, let me know via comments or social media @JayneKitsch if you’d like to see me create more of something in particular.


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