#IndieLove: 6 Independent Fashion Brands to Check Out…

I am so bored of seeing Primark and Topshop hauls from bloggers, it does not excite me in one bit. Shopping with these big corporate companies that deal in fast fashion and often low ethics isn’t for me anymore. When I buy a product I want to be supporting more than just a cool item, I want to know that I’m helping a small or indie creator continue to do what makes them happy. I feel like all of our spending would make a much greater positive impact on society if we spent more with independent businesses and less with big chains. And that concept can apply to any category that you want to make a change in, not just fashion.

So, in this spirit, I wanted to share a little wish-list of some cool fashion stuff I’ve seen recently that aren’t from the obvious places and why you should check out the associated brand or creator. There’s so much cool stuff out there, we need to do more to give them the love the deserve. There’s a few Etsy affiliate links in here, so if you do choose to shop something I’ve recommended, I’ll get commission and that will in turn help me continue to create cool content and art. We all have bills to pay, this way everyone wins.

AparTTogether – skate inspired socks from Barcelona

I really like what this brand puts out there, they just launched this cute star print pair and started selling this cute star and moon design. They’re an eco-friendly brand that cares about the people they work with. They are heavily inspired by the skate culture of Barcelona too. What’s not to love? Check out their store on Etsy here.

apparttogether luna socks

Karen Mabon – Colourful prints on scarves, PJs and more…

For a long time, this British designer specialised in printed silk scarves, wonderful quality with bold, colourful prints in fun themes. The label have just launched their first collection of luxury nightwear and it’s absolutely delightful. I hear that swimwear is coming next! Go check out her website!

Rockcakes – stylish silver jewellery and more from Brighton

I’ve featured Rockcakes many times in the past and they keep producing stellar work in Brighton. I’m particularly fond of their dainty silver jewellery featuring cute motifs like hedgehogs and paint palettes. If I had unlimited funds I would have already purchased their planets ring in silver, a simple but high quality design available in a range of different metals.


Brava Fabrics – Barcelona based printed fabric shirts

This has been one of my fave Barcelona based fashion finds since we moved here. They design super cute ditsy prints with novelty prints like cactus, shrimp, tiny Japanese lucky cats and such like in a variety of shirt cuts for men and women. They aren’t in everyone’s price range, but they seem like good quality for the price. You can find them stocked in equally awesome Barcelona shoe store, Camino too.

Don’t wait until next year if you can have it now?? Last units⚡️

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Silly Old Sea Dog – Kitsch, vintage inspired dresses handmade in the UK

I love a classic cut on a dress, so it’s only naturally that Silly Old Sea Dog would capture my attention. This UK based small brand specialises in a variety of vintage inspired cuts in a choice of fun, quirky and kitsch novelty prints for a wide size and shape range. I absolutely love this dino print one right now. You can check out their shop on Etsy too.


Lady K Loves – vintage style jeans and classic cut tops made in the UK

I pretty much live in my high waisted, curve cuddling Lady K Loves jeans, it’s also worth checking out this UK brand if you’re looking for timeless cuts in tops and skirts too. I really love their new Aurora top cut, particularly in black and white stripes.

Now just to find the disposable income myself so that I can treat myself. Let me know if you spot another indie brand that you think I’ll dig, I’m always on the look out for cool stuff to support via Instagram in particular.

If you want to support me and my work, you can shop my own designs on Etsy or Redbubble or via Food Scouts, a label I run with Miz. If you fancy buying me and Miz a pint without leaving the comfort of your sofa, you can also donate via Paypal, I hate asking for money, but I’ve been told I should give it a try! We’re also available to hire for a variety of freelance projects via our company Kitsch.inc.


2 thoughts on “#IndieLove: 6 Independent Fashion Brands to Check Out…

  1. Ooh, can I add my praise for Silly Old Sea Dog? If I could afford it, I’d buy all my dresses from there: they’re incredible quality, wash so well and the cuts are so flattering plus, as you’ve already mentioned, the range of prints is fantastic. And Alison is just generally a wonderful person to buy from, the brand is truly a labour of love for her and if my purchases can keep her in business doing something that she loves that would almost be worth the premium price alone.

    Have added a couple of your picks to my own never-ending shopping list!

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    1. SAME! If I had the money too, she has such a great range. I met her at London Edge once she was a delight in real life too. I love those cuts of dresses and it’s rare to find them in good quality fabric, such a good brand! More lists like this to come.

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