#IndieLove: 8 Twin Peaks Inspired Gifts & Accessories

Can you believe that I only started watching Twin Peaks properly this year? Despite been a film and TV nerd for my entire life and spending 3 years studying the subject at Leeds Uni, I somehow, managed to miss out on this hype. I think I tried to watch the first episode a few times and just did not get it. I’m older and wiser and more widely watched (is that a phrase? Like widely read?) Miz and I thought we’d try it again. LOVED IT! We’re not fully up to date just yet, but well on our way through Season 3, special shout out awesome artist pal AlabamaThirteen for subliminally promoting David Lynch to me via her Instagram over the years.

Anyway, with a Twin Peaks vibe in mind, I hope you’re enjoy my Etsy Edit of some of the damn fine stuff you can buy from indie makers and creators. Let me know if you’ve spotted something else cool, I’ve always loved finding new small businesses to support. By the way, this edit is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to incredible Twin Peaks inspired creations on Etsy, so beware, you may spend hours browsing like I did.

Twin Peaks Sheriff Department Beanie Hat from YouCantGoBack £14.99, Hand Knitted Pie Sweater from VidaKnitworks £163, Women of Twin Peaks Illustrated T-Shirt by ThatSparrowBoy £20, Hand Embroidered Red Room Brooch by ZeliaJones £27, Made to Order Red Room Chevron Skirt by EmeraldAngel £70, Damn Fine Coffee Wooden Brooch by Kate’s Little Store £20, Leo Johnson Party Card by Rattycatcat £3.50, Hand Knitted Chevron Bobble Hat by knittingfromthevoids £20.

Remember, when you buy from a small business or indie maker or creator you’re funding dreams and not greed. To continue to enjoy awesome art and creativity on all platforms, we need to be willing to fund it. So if you see something you love, shout about it, help a small business owner do a happy dance today.


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