#IndieLove: 9 Overwatch Inspired Gaming Gifts

I’d like to write more often about gaming, although I’m far from an expert. What I do know is that I find video games an awesome form of relaxation and a well needed distraction from reality from time to time. I’m not a hardcore gaming, but I definitely enjoy a gaming break over a Netflix break on a regular basis. Having to switch off from everything else, focusing on the hand eye coordination and the puzzle solving skills you need to play can often be far more rewarding that a combo of scrolling Twitter and watching something mediocre in the background. Don’t diss it until you’ve tried it, gaming geeks get a bad rap. The game I’ve logged the most hours on so far this year is Overwatch, mainly playing as Torbjörn or D.va. So in the spirit of this post series, I’ve scoured Etsy for some awesome merch that you might dig.

Mini Tracer Amigurumi by GeekGurumis £19, Tracer Art Nouveau Style T-Shirt by SuperCuteAwesomeStuff £17, Overwatch Movie Theatre Posters by BabbittsBoutique £20, Overwatch Pachimari Arcade Motift T-Shirt by 8BitJapan £12, Bastion Head Plant Pot by Cyber9Design from £19.87, Mei Cosplay Slippers by LisaTinyWorkshop £37, D.va Bunny Earrings by LootCaveCo £7.80,

On another note, if you’re looking to do an Overwatch cosplay there’s some flipping brilliant costumes and accessories for sale on Etsy which if you didn’t know already is a treasure trove for cosplayers. Let me know what you think of these posts, if you buy something via one of my links, I earn commission (from Etsy not the small biz) and it helps me pay my bills, allowing me to continue to create various stuff for myself and others.


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