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If you don’t follow me on at least one social media platform than you don’t know this already. So, to most of you I apologise if I’m boring you with yet another post about this, but I’ve got shit to sell and bills to pay, as I’m sure many of you can relate to. This Summer, Miz and I started a new business, Food Scouts. It’s evolved several times since we first had the idea to do something food related, but we’re now happy to present you with an alternative streetwear apparel brand with designs inspired by food and punk rock. Bear with me, there’s more to it.

C2 Red Wall

We have been designing and creating t-shirts together for over 4 years with a combination of personal projects on Redbubble and merch for Miz’s band, Larkhill. We learnt how to screen-print DIY style a few years ago in Brighton after doing a few runs of merch for Larkhill and have both wanted to do something bigger with it ever since. This Summer, we decided to change direction a little with our work and for the first time in a long time, actually invested some of our money back into our own business idea. Pretty much immediately after we launched, we lost a bunch of clients and it screwed the plan a little, but that’s another story. We’re now fully equipped to screen-print t-shirts and more from the comfort of our own home. We’re both drawing and designing new things everyday and can’t wait to see what we come up with next!D3 Wood 2

All of our Food Scouts designs are in some way related to food, hence the name. Some are fun puns, others are based on stories we have written or characters we’ve created that are slowly seeing light of day. You can read Miz’s Dead Chef screenplay on the Food Scouts blog for starters, but have endless ideas for other directions we’d like to take our concepts too, who knows what the future will hold. If you’re able and interested you can also support the development of this project via Patreon too.

Starting Food Scouts has also been an awesome opportunity to get back into photography, styling and organising photoshoots, something I’ve missed massively since my modelling and pin-up photography days, we’ve also recently started offering photography services again via too. In addition, we can use our marketing and events skills to ensure we execute new launches the best we can, despite our super limited budget.

I didn’t think I’d model again, but I really love these photos that Miz took of me wearing our best-selling Ramens t-shirt and it gives me great confidence to see myself looking happy and healthy even if my hair isn’t fully blue anymore. Photo editing and styling by me and the t-shirt was designed and printed by Miz. If you like what you’re seeing you can see the full photo set and more on the Food Scouts website or on social media @wearefoodscouts. Readers of my blog can get 15% off their next order with the code KITSCHSENTME until January 31st 2018.



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