Style for Fangirls of All Sizes: Her Universe

Ok, so the last few blog are clearly indicating to you my love for geekdom and style combined. I like nice clothes, jewellery, make up and shoes but I don’t dig the mainstream offerings for many reasons. Today I wanted to highlight a brand that I only recently stumbled back upon that I reckon a good handful of my readers will appreciate as much as I do. Introducing to you, maybe for the first time, Her Universe, fangirl apparel for all shapes, sizes and styles.

Left: Star Wars C3PO Embroidered Jacket, Right: Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula Dress

Disclaimer before we go ahead, as you know I usually prefer to champion small brands, these guys are not a small, independent business. Her Universe is owned by American retail chain Hot Topic, which is in turn owned by a private equity firm, hence their ability to buy into the official licensing of some of the biggest geek franchises out there. I often feature fan art products, but this time I wanted to show an example of a brand doing awesome designs on a bigger platform, working directly with the sources that inspired their designs. It’s up to you whether you want to shop with them or not based on your personal morals.

Left: Howl’s Moving Castle Feather & Calcifer Lace Dress, Right: Star Wars Emblem Open Jacket

Anyway, I wanted to praise Her Universe for their diverse range of geeky products delivered with gorgeous style alongside models of all sizes and shapes. I haven’t seen any products in the flesh just yet, but I have a long wishlist from things I’ve spied on their social media. I love how they create wearable design that subtly bring in awesome references to geekdoms such as Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and Studio Ghibli. On top of their clothing, they also offer homewares, accessories and childrens clothes from their own brand and others.

Left: My Neighbour Totoro Coat, Right: Alice in Wonderland in the Flower Garden Chiffon Skirt

Have you had anything from Her Universe? What did you think? Hope this might inspire more geeks to style their fandom into their wardrobe. Comment below or catch me on @JayneKitsch on social media.





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