DIY Hair Cut & Colour Using Directions Apple Green, Daffodil & L’Oreal Colorista Bleach

You know me, I like to mess around with my hair and give hairdresser’s mild anxiety. However I’ve worked with beauty and hair brands for over 6 years, whilst being interested in the field since forever. I’m also a bit of a nerd when it comes to the science and the ingredients, so I like to think that I go into DIY hair colouring and cutting with some decent knowledge and a little bravery. I’m not professional, although I would have loved to have seen where that career choice may have taken me, I enjoy being in charge of my hair, whilst also being able to save time and money that I don’t always have to pay a professional. If I could pay a professional every time I feel like changing my hair, I would.

Before and After. Photos by Misael Trujillo and edits by me.

I haven’t been to the hairdressers in at least 18 months at this time, haven’t used any lightening or bleach products and have only topped up my colour with Directions Semi-Permanent colour a handful of times. I detoxed my hair and got it back to awesome health, you can read more about my routine and preferred approach here.

So here’s the before picture….

My face doesn’t make an appearance on the internet very often these days, so enjoy! Haha. So, I’m writing this post-DIY-transformation and I must say my hair did still look awesome. I felt mermaidy and seeing my natural colour for the first time in over 5 years was healthy. It helped my appreciated my natural colour, whilst healing any damage that had been done from my repeated colouring processes.

I wanted a change, so on a whim I went shopping with a friend and purchased something organically, without research and based on what looked appealing as a normal consumer. With so many years of beauty blogging and industry experience, I haven’t bought beauty blindly for a long time. That’s how I ended up with L’Oreal Colourist Bleach, you know how I feel about L’Oreal but I wanted to see what the best-sellers were delivering and honestly, I liked the shiny boxes.

I would not recommend using the L’Oreal bleach, for reasons beyond my personal views. There was not enough product to cover my hair, even after cutting off eight inches before I started the lightening process. It may just be me, but I really don’t get on with lightening products that are in the conventional powder/creme bleach combination, I find the texture extremely difficult to work with and is therefore best left to the professionals in most cases!

If you are going to bleach your hair at home, I’d recommend trying Scott Cornwall’s Decolour Remover or Stripper, depending on your hair requirements, the creamy texture is much easier to apply and will produce good results when used correctly and under the right conditions. These products use no amonia and very little bleach to lighten and remove colour build-up gently. Read the instructions, thoroughly, you’re about to do a chemistry experiment on your head. You can read more about my experience with these products here.

Anyway, after the trauma that was the bleaching process, I had a pretty horrendous patchy base and was pretty convinced I’d ruined my hair. Fun. Because yellow was the only colour of the rainbow that I haven’t been, I thought I’d whack on a Directions Daffodil shade, it was not good. The result was some kind of washed up, Kurt Cobain in his later years vibe which didn’t quite sit right with the rest of my personal image. So that had to go.

After a couple of awkward Spanish conversations in a handful of local professional beauty shops and many concerned faces I headed back home with Directions Apple Green. I’ve used this shade before so I was confident it would fix things, especially on a yellow base – use your colour theory folks.

And ta-dah…

Back to some kind of anime inspired cartoon character, that’s better. I took the fabric scissors to my hair and cut eight inches off the length in a straight line. I then used hair clippers, smaller scissors and a fine tooth comb to style and trim my fringe. I’ve had a lot of practise at this and don’t really mind if it’s not flawless.

If you’re looking for fashion colours (that’s the what the industry folks call these shades) I highly recommend Colour Freedom which is readily available in Boots and Superdrug. These products are very gentle, mix well and come in generous bottle sizes. If you have time to seek out Directions Hair Colour, they are my all time faves and you can find them online, in professional hair shops and sometimes alternative or hippy fashion boutiques.

If you liked my blog post, please share it, comment or consider purchasing something from one of the links. I’ve included affiliate links in this post so I can earn a small commission on any products sold, my given opinions are all my own from experience. Let me know if you have any hair questions and I’ll do my best to answer them in future posts.