Get Reppin’ Blizzard’s Overwatch with this Wild Bangarang Leggings Collection

You probably already know the nylon clothing brand with a alt, nerd twist, Black Milk, but do you know about Wild Bangarang? Well, these guys are your UK version, based in Sussex, they’re doing a pretty swell job at capturing the geek market. With collaborations with World of Warcraft, Tokidoki and WWE already under their belt, it’s awesome to see this fledgling brand flourish with another ridiculously good collab. I’ve been an Overwatch fan since the start and absolutely love how they’ve translated this to shiny nylon legwear.

I’m pretty in awe that Wild Bangarang based so close to where we used to live, just makes me want to support them even more. Also makes me wish I’d asked for job when I was still local. Hey, if you’re reading this people on Wild Bangarang, you know where I am if you need my help remotely. Lol.

Anyway, back to the point. The Overwatch collection from Wild Bangarang features 8 styles, representing both the games male and female characters. Obvious ones like D.va and Mei are represented as cute, playful prints, whilst some of the other styles aim to replicate the characters costumes. Perfect for cosplay bases or fancy dress costumes as well as an awesome, comfortable way to show your love for the game via your style.

At £37 a pair, you’re not breaking the bank with these shinies either and the UK based delivery means, no more annoying customs charges or long waits. If I was to pick a pair, I think I’d probably go for the Widowmaker style, she’s a character I’m pretty terrible at using, but she’s got the purple, goth style down.

 I’m going to do my best to keep my blog to up to date from now on, with a focus on indie businesses and geek culture. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ll enjoy finding stuff to write about. I’ll look forward to seeing what Wild Bangarang come up with next.

2 thoughts on “Get Reppin’ Blizzard’s Overwatch with this Wild Bangarang Leggings Collection

  1. Those are SO awesome! I love the Bastion pair (I love all of them) and the range of sizes is really awesome! Thank you so much for sharing about these xx

    1. No problemo, trying to get my blog back on, but with my own style. I can’t believe this brand is based down the road from where I used to live!!

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