#IndieLove: Pretty Polly Pocket Inspired Gifts & Accessories

I visited my Mum and sister just before Christmas to help clear out some of my childhood hoarding before Mum moved house. Amongst my 90s time capsule of all kinds of goth girl and candy coloured treats, was my Polly Pocket collection. Between Polly and Barbie, this is basically my toy history summarised and I think lots of other 80s and 90s babies can relate to that. So in a nostalgic tribute to this dinky little toy, I thought I’d dig up some super cute Polly Pocket inspired bits and bobs to add to your wishlists!

It seems that there’s a whole market for second hand and “vintage” Polly Pocket toys right now too, so if you’re lucky enough to have a collection hiding somewhere, you might just be sitting on a tiny gold mine. That is, if you can bare to part with them and can be bothered with the admin of listing on Etsy, Depop or eBay.

Absolutely digging how much 90s nostalgia is out there right now and there are so many awesome indie brands and sellers creating cute stuff. You can see more of my #IndieLove guides here on my site. Have you seen any awesome Polly Pocket inspired stuff?

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