#IndieLove: Rugrats 90s Inspired Fashion & Accessories

I’ve loved cartoons forever. I don’t think there’s been very long in my life where I haven’t swayed towards animated films and television as a preference. I’ll happily watch Cartoon Network all day, even now as an adult and I grew up on Wallace & Gromit stop motion animation. It’s not just for kids either, there is such diversity out there and definitely some animated content that is definitely not for kids at all! Anyway, here’s a little 90s blast from the past, who else grew up watching Rugrats?!

The Nickelodeon cartoon has had a little revival recently with a new collection landing at TruffleShuffle, including a range of bags by Danielle Nicole, famous for her super cute licensed Disney range. There’s also a whole host of clever indie makers and designers paying homage to this classic cartoon.

If you especially dig the 5-panel hat, I interviewed Saqid of Misallati Hat Club on the KITSCH.inc blog today, go check it out for a bit more background on that Etsy seller in particular. If you spot any other RAD Rugrats things, you know where to find me.

If you feel like going on a strange Rugrats related journey after this, you can do what Miz & I did and fall down a weird dark rabbit hole of rather sinister Rugrats theories. Enjoy! It may or may not ruin your childhood memories of the show.

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