5 Awesome Indie Acrylic Jewellery Shops to Support

I’ve been a Tatty Devine fangirl since the very start and I still miss Lady Luck Rules OK (Leona from Lucky Dip Club’s jewellery brand), indie jewellery has always been something I’ve dug. Whether it’s at a local craft fair, browsing the Etsy or scoping out independent gift shops on my travels, acrylic jewellery is always something that stands out to me. Some girls prefer diamonds and gold, I prefer plastic. I don’t know what that says about me. I do love the endless creativity and colourful creations that acrylic jewellery designers are able to create. As an added bonus, generally the prices of acrylic jewellery are more accessible too, meaning you can add a statement piece to your collection without becoming penniless. Here are just a few of my favourite acrylic jewellery shops that I think you should check out.

Sugar & Vice

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you should already be familiar with Sugar & Vice. A pretty large chunk of my most worn pieces are from this Canterbury based duo and I love them very much. Sarah and Matt have been collaborating on acrylic jewellery since 2007, so have tons of experience delivering professional quality products with speedy service. They have a brilliant permanent collection of designs of all sizes & styles as well as releasing seasonal collections at least twice a year. You can find out more on their main site or shop via their Etsy too. They also offer custom options and also sell enamel pins and other accessories, they’re very affordable and do run occasional sales, so keep an eye out, there’s one on right now.

Bonnie Bling

This one is especially relevant if you are Scottish or have a love for Scotland, I stumbled upon Bonnie Bling at Renegade Craft Fair in London a few years ago. Based out of Glasgow and founded by graphic designer, Mhairi Mackenzie, Bonnie Bling have been making witty, big and bold acrylic jewellery and other accessories since 2010. Many of the designs are Scottish themed, so will have a special hit of nostalgia there. I love that Bonnie Bling has stuck to a theme and found success with it. Bonnie Bling also offers a custom bridal jewellery service as well as making homewares too.

I Love Crafty

If your aesthetic is more pastel, pretty or kawaii I think you’ll really love I Love Crafty. Based in Bristol, I Love Crafty is the creation of Laura Hunter, an ex-film student who was looking for a creative way to make a living (sounds familiar, haha) she launched her jewellery brand in 2010. Expect shimmery textures, mermaid things and a Disney princess aesthetic with this brand, it may not be for everyone but I dig it. I particularly love the I Love Crafty collaborative pieces with Dutch illustrated brand, Pony People, who also make the most adorable patches, pins and stationary.

La Vidriola

This creative duo hail from Valencia in Spain and I’ve been drooling over their designs ever since I found them on Instagram. La Vidriola, which I regularly misspell, is the Spanish word for moneybox. Less established than some of the other brands on this list, they’re quickly growing a following with their limited edition and elaborate designs. You’ll be seeing prices more in line with Tatty Devine with this brand. However, the intricacy and originality of many of their designs helps you justify the spend. I have such a long wish list for this brand, it’s just slightly out of my personal budget, but I hope some of your will love it as much as I do.

Finest Imaginary

Another brand that I’ve followed ever since finding them at a craft fair is Finest Imaginary. The brand is the creation of UK based Kim Lawler, founded in 2007. What started out as a focus on acrylic jewellery has now expanded into homewares, patches and enamel pins, all taking inspiration from the natural world and the simple pleasures of life. I’m still smiling about how fun her acrylic burger coaster set is, especially complete with its packaging. Clever lady, show her some love!

There are plenty more acrylic jewellery businesses out there that I LOVE, you’ll find some more in my Indie Love category or by using the search bar. If you spot one that you don’t think I’ve featured before, leave me a comment or get in touch via email or @JayneKitsch on Twitter or Instagram.

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