7 Cactus Themed Gifts & Accessories for Under £30

Sometime flowers won’t do. Yes, flowers are lovely for many occasions and I’m not going to lie, I do dig the colours, but I’d almost always prefer seeing them in the ground rather than uprooted. However, there’s something pretty special about the cactus. I remember childhood injuries from being too curious of the floral variety and the vast variety (of cacti and succulents) that adorned our conservatory growing up, thanks to my Mum’s green fingers. Cacti also remind me of some of my favourite places, there’s a park full of them just down the road from us in Barcelona. Whether you’re looking for a little green inspiration for yourself or shopping for an alternative Mother’s Day gift, I hope some of these spiky options will tickle your fancy, in my cactus inspired gift guide.

As always, I’m aiming to champion small and independent businesses over others, so I hope this will be another opportunity to discover a brand that you didn’t already know! Show them some love on Twitter & Instagram too as it’s a difficult time to be a small, creative business.

Amigurumi Cactus by Yarnistry prices from £18.50

Don’t be a Prick Enamel Cactus Pin by That’s Sew Bethany £5.00

Handmade Leather Cactus Earrings by Love from Hetty & Dave £18.00

Terranium Acrylic Cactus Necklace by Finest Imaginary £30.00

Sloth & Cactus Sticker by ShopZoki £1.00

Ceramic Cactus Shaped Oil Burner by Candles of Provence £10.17

Cactus Print Hip Flask by Paperchase £10.00

The best thing about these gift ideas is that if you forget to water them, they won’t die! Yes, cacti are handy for serial plant killers, as they don’t take so much care. However, if like me you’re not prone to staying in one place for long, I’m sure you’d also prefer some of these non-spiky options that have less responsibility than their real-life counterparts. If you spot anything else cactus themed that you think I’ll love, leave a comment or tag me on Twitter or Instagram @JayneKitsch. Stay tuned for more gift guide and colourful finds!


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