Big Bud Press Launch Kickstarter for Colourful Unisex Basics Made in Los Angeles

Los Angeles based Big Bud Press have been on my radar for a while, their Instagram is 100% my ideal fashion aesthetic. Established in 2015, this retro and rainbow inspired clothing and accessories brand aim to create unisex clothes that work equally well on all body shapes. Not just men’s clothes that happen to fit women, Big Bud Press have purposefully chosen styles and shapes that will look awesome on everyone. I love their 70s meets Wes Anderson vibe and they also produce a lot of incredible collaborative projects too, such as being the brand behind Leslie Hung’s Snotgirl comic book merch.

Anyway, I thought now was a good time to feature they as they’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new round of colourful, classic basics for their brand. If you’ve got some spare dinero and were already thinking about making a purchase, this is a great way to support the brand whilst getting a Kickstarter reward worth more than your donation. Perks range from pins, back-packs and jumpsuits to custom merch and neon signs, so whatever you can afford they’re something for you.

Big Bud Press makes all of their clothing locally in Los Angeles, meaning that they are manufacturing ethically and paying workings a living wage. They’re basically American Apparel without the seedy back-stories, hooray! Even if you don’t make a purchase or donate this time, I’m sure a browse of their website and social media feeds will give you a much needed boost of bright colour & retro styling. I’m in love, this is my fashion heaven.

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