Cartoon Network Cruise Ships are Coming to Asia in 2018

If you’re a cartoon or kawaii nerd like me, you’re already fully aware that you can get a Hello Kitty or Pokemon branded flight or hotel in certain parts of Asia with more ease that should be possible. In fact, Hello Kitty and Pikachu are officially recognised ambassadors of Japan. Yes, those cartoon characters have official titles and jobs! Bizarre I know, but I still love it. In my latest bizarre cartoon/transport mash-up discovery, let me introduce you to Cartoon Network Wave! Due to launch at the end of 2018, read on to find more!

Yes, Cartoon Network are launching a cruise ship experience based out of Asia and I couldn’t be more in love. The 2000 capacity ship, which offers super luxe triplex apartments, play areas and chill out zones are going to be entirely Cartoon Network themed. So whether you want to set sail on the Land of Ooo or join your pals from We Are Bare Bears, this could be a novelty trip of a lifetime! And what’s even better is they seem to have found the perfect balance of serene style and playful characters, making the trip suitable for all ages. You can keep your Disneyland, this is the kinda thing I want from a cartoon themed holiday!

The ship will be docked in Singapore. The cruises will take a route of 13 popular destinations in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and Japan. This genuinely sounds like my kind of dream holiday, I’ve been desperate to get my butt to Asia for a very long time and to be able to combine this with my love for cartoon, is surreal-y satisfying and extremely unexpected.

Nights will cost from $150 and there is little more information at the moment, but you can check out the Cartoon Network Wave website and sign up to their mailing list to be the first to know more.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Network Cruise Ships are Coming to Asia in 2018

  1. Oh my gosh! I would totally go!

    1. It’s genuinely my dream trip! It looks SO cute and all the destinations are amazing!

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