Santa Cruz x Mars Attacks Topps Cards Collaboration Skate Deck & Apparel Collection

One of the best things about Instagram is the stumble-upon effect, when you discover something totally awesome that you weren’t expecting to see today. That thing today is the Santa Cruz x Mars Attacks skate collaboration collection. Some of you might know Mars Attacks because of the 1996 Tim Burton film, but the origins are much older. I know Mars Attacks from my Dad telling me about the Topps Trading cards that he grew up collecting and ever since I’ve dug the artwork. Something you might not know about me is that I secretly wish I could skate, I can’t. Nonetheless, I do enjoy watching Miz skate and enjoy skate videos (shoutout to Braille Skateboarding on YouTube). I also thoroughly dig the art, design and history of skating, which I keep learning more about. If you want to watch a great period piece on skating that will explain a lot of the 70s fashion that’s currently on trend, check out Heath Ledger in Lords of Dogtown or watch the original documentary it’s based on.

Santa Cruz is one of many brands owned by skateboarding legends NHS. Inc founded in 1973 and Santa Cruz itself is the oldest continuous skate brand in history, so it definitely one to look up. On top of their place in skate history, Santa Cruz is known for it’s iconic, bright and psychedelic designs that hark back to their 1970s roots whilst keeping things fresh by collaborating with brilliant artists & professional skaters. On top of skate decks, they also produce gorgeous apparel, so definitely one to check out if you’re looking for practical, quality clothes with some punk rock skate style. Anyway, if Misael and I had the space and money, I’m pretty sure we’d quickly fill a room with Santa Cruz skate decks for the art alone, so when I spotted this Mars Attacks collaboration I just had to document it. And before I start writing a small book about how cool I think skating is, let’s take a close look at this ace collab!

To go full on nostalgia and to pay full homage to the Topps Card trading card edition of Mars Attacks, the Santa Cruz skate decks will be sold as blind bags. There’s nine different possible deck designs and each one is flipping incredible for the artwork alone, but they’ve not left it there! Each one also features something else unique to it’s design from glow in the dark paint, glitter to ink infused with powdered meteorite (YES REALLY! A meteorite board made from actual bits of Mars!) it’s pretty wild. And it doesn’t stop there either….


If you’re really lucky you could be sent one of 50 hand painted boards that they’ve commissioned from a whole host of talented artists. If you’re looking for some art inspo, just check out some of the tagged accounts on this Instagram post. They’re all brilliant and I thought this was a great way for an established, respected brand to raise awareness of some amazing creatives.


At around $80 for the decks they aren’t ripping you off either, because you can’t tell me that isn’t something super special? I’m excited just writing about it. This is probably one of the best executed brand collaborations I’ve seen in a long time. If you’re not one to drop some dinero on a skate deck (even for decorative purposes) they’re also launching a small collection of apparel featuring an iconic Mars Attack figure in neon pink and green. I dig these too, but I’d rather have a skate deck.

Here’s one of the 50 hand painted artist decks that people could be lucky enough to receive, I really love Laine Plant’s art and she sells rad t-shirts too.

The collection doesn’t launch until 28th May 2018, but you can already pre-order on a few specialist sites in the States already, if you’re in Europe keep an eye on Skatehut to see if they get stock nearer to launch. If you spot anything else equally rad, let me know, I’d love to discover some new stuff to feature. I’m @JayneKitsch in all the usual social media places or you can contact me via this site.

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