The Simpsons Inspired Indie Fashion & Accessories Gift Guide

Is there anything more iconic 90s than The Simpsons? This timeless cartoon is very close to my heart, a cartoon I could share with my family and connect me with friends. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can’t remember even a handful of dinner time The Simpsons sessions, particularly ones likely to be followed by some kind of Star Trek franchise. And it’s stood the test of time, even when Seth McFarlane tried to challenge their place at the top spot.

There is some STELLAAARRRR The Simpsons merch out there, official and not so much. Here’s my edit of some of my favourite finds from indie designers and shops around the world. Most of these shops share my soft spot for our yellow friends, so be sure to go explore them in more detail for more mmmm….Simpsons treats. Special shoutout to ThumbsDesigns who have an extensive collection of Pokemon x The Simpsons design mash-ups and That’s Sew Simpsons, an Etsy store that specialises in embroidering scenes from the show. Niche, but wonderful.

Let me know if I missed something AWESOME. I love discovering new indie creators and shops. If you dig this post, share it, shop it and show it some love. Comments accepted below, if you’re bothered.

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