10 Colourful & Creative Enamel Pin Shops to Support

I had this idea of writing the definitive guide to buying enamel pins online from indie illustrators and designers. Then, I realised that might be impossible considering the sheer, massive amount of enamel pins in the world right now. Low cost, easy to store and an ideal format for any artist working in illustration, it’s no wonder that so many indie brands are getting in on the action. Whether you’re customising a denim jacket, a bag or shopping for a small, inexpensive gift, I really don’t think you can go wrong with a new enamel pin as a little pick me up. On the plus side, you’ll also be helping support small businesses and artists, whilst wearing a little piece of art with pride. To get you started on your enamel pin shopping mission, I’ve pulled together this edit of some of my favourite colourful, creative pins with some suitably nostalgic and nerdy content. If you spot an enamel pin maker that I’ve missed, that you think I’ll dig, get in touch. For more indie accessories and gifts, have a scroll through some of the gift guides here.


Specialist in pop culture mash-ups, this isn’t the first time Thumbs has landed a place on a CMK gift list. Flawlessly executed and always creating something new, fans of Pokemon, The Simpsons and retro video gaming will have a fun time with enamel pins and more from this London based illustrator. Peep the new t-shirt designs too, the Mario Bros x The Simpsons Mash-Up tee is high on my wishlist.

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

This Glasgow based one-woman-band specialises in colourful, bold and slightly nerdy flair. From acrylic jewellery to patches, pins and stickers there’s an awesome choice of rainbow powered pins at Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. Expect motivational slogans mixed in with subtle nods to nerd franchises including Hellblazer, Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Oddball Pins

If you’re looking for retro video games nostalgia or a way to wear quotes from The Room on your blazer, then Oddball Pins is your pal. This brand’s designs are bold, simplified and colourful allowing you to wear your favourite retro snack or obscure pop culture reference in complete sleek style. Perfect.

Katey Abey Designs

If you grew up with things like Nick Sharrat’s Jaqueline Wilson illustrations and Bang on the Door merchandise, then Katie Abey and her pun-tastic doodles are going to be your new favourite thing. This wonderful, colourful and timeless collection can be found on a variety of practical and colourful products, including the trusty enamel pin!

Robot Dance Battle

Purveyors of colourful kawaii characters and based in California, Robot Dance Battle is sure to make you smile. Discover sharks with pancakes, food with faces (my faves) and unicorns stuck inside donuts. These little pins of joy are super cheerful, whilst supporting an independent designer.

Liz Harry

Liverpool based graphic designer, Liz Harry has turned her skilled hand to enamel pins. Adding to an already stunning collection of colourful, feminine prints and jewellery items with a mixture of cult movie references and bold fashion items. Head to Liz’s shop right now for some brilliant Rocky Horror Picture Show and Grease inspired designs.

Get a Life Designs

If pop culture mash-ups and 90s nostalgia is your bag, you need to check out Get a Life Designs. From Spiderman hearts to obscure The Simpsons reference, this concise collection is ideal for your inner nerd. Let’s give a special shout out to the epic Star Wars fanart designs.

Candy Doll Club

A regular appearance on CMK, Candy Doll Club is the main brand from illustrator Jade Boylan. If you grew up in the early 2000s or 90s, there’s lots of appeal for you here, alongside pastel, candy coloured feminism inspired designs. Keep an eye on Jade’s social media for news of her new designs and launches.

Nikki McWilliams

If you love biscuits as much as I do, Nikki McWilliams needs to be on your radar. Originally a specialist in screen-printed giant biscuit shaped cushions, Nikki has now expanded into many different accessory categories including enamel pins! Check out Nikki’s tiny biscuit box pin that really opens!

Jenni’s Prints

For fans of cult movies and niche culture references in their accessories, Stockholm based Jenni’s Prints is legendary. Jenni’s ever evolving collection can be found in shops worldwide and cover references from Clerks, Heathers, Twin Peaks to Wes Anderson and classical art.

There’s more enamel pin sellers in our Fashion & Style category and in our IndieLove category, so go have a browse. If you find something awesome that you think should be featured on this site. Contact me on social media @JayneKitsch or get in touch via email.

10 Indie Enamel Pin Businesses to Support on CMK by Jayne Kitsch


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