5 Creatives to Follow to Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

I’m having a little social media detox at the moment to give some space to focus on creating new creative projects and writing more. I know social media has a negative impact on me, so I’m being wise about how I use it. I’m still using Instagram daily, because I love my carefully curated feed of inspirational, colourful creative people. So, I thought I’d share a few suggestions of people to follow on social media if you want less cookie cutter selfies and more colour, inspiration and kick-ass women doing great things. These recommendations come straight from the heart, they’ve all inspired me on some level personally and I hope they will inspire you too.

In Colourful Company


If you haven’t heard about In Colourful Company just yet, you are missing out. Created by wonderful, slightly nerdy illustrator, Toni Bee, this is a community for fans of rainbows and cheerful creative. It’s a community based on kindness, acceptance and being supportive of each other, just what we need to survive modern digital life! There are so many creatives within this community that have inspired me over the years and I’m proud to be a tiny part of it. You can get involved via the hashtag #incolourfulcompany which is mainly used on Instagram and there’s also a Facebook Group, Toni also curates Colour Walks so members can meet up in real life too. I’m sure if you spend just a few minutes on the hashtag you’ll stumble upon some new favourite creative people from illustrators, Etsy shop owners to teachers who like to knit.



Lima, aka Fashionicide has been on the blogging scene as long as I have, big up class of 2009!  I’m still baffled that she hasn’t hit the big time yet, she deserves so much love, respect and success. Despite being in the blogosphere from 2009, it’s only in very recent years that her alternative South Asian aesthetic has been getting the attention it deserves. Lima’s content is intelligent, well researched and presented alongside the most incredible creative self-portrait shoots. Multi-lingual, unique, original and bloody amazing at make-up this is the sort of creative role model we need more of right now. Lima blogs sporadically, but you’ll find her on Instagram and Twitter pretty much daily for a good dose of Blade Runner-esque, neon beauty (with brains) goodness.

Paige Joanna


I’ve known Paige (digitally, because somehow we’ve always just missed each other location wise) for a very long time, she was the first illustrator I hired on behalf of a brand in fact! I relate to Paige massively, we have so many friends and places in common and even though we’ve never met I’m super proud of what she’s achieved and love seeing what she’s been up to. Just like me, Paige progressed from blogging to working in social media in London to being freelance. You will love Paige’s content if you’re into pretty, pastel, vintage inspired style and enjoy a good DIY craft project. Paige has also started hosting DIY craft workshops in London, so this is definitely something to look out for if you’re in the city.

Laura Whalebone


I have many London blogger event selfies with Laura and I wish I’d spent more time with her when I lived in London. I’m a massive fan of Laura’s rainbow fuelled, 90s inspired personal style, she can be my personal stylist any day! I also massively admire Laura because she’s also a Mum to two boys and hasn’t let that change what she’s into, Laura is #MotherhoodGoals to me. We have a shared love for the geeky side of life and she helped me learn crochet one Summer via Facebook Messenger. Give Laura a follow if you want to see rainbows, crochet projects and her cosy, colourful home. You can also find her fashion blog, That’s So Yesterday, which has been one of my favourite fashion blogs for many years.

Kizzy Von Doll


Kizzy is another old school blogger, class of 2010! A fellow fan of dreamy, fantasy inspired style with a splash of Asian inspiration, Kizzy is a fan of Korean drama and K-pop, should that be a niche you have in common. I can share that love for Korean and Japanese entertainment, so would recommend you do some research if you want to broaden your watching/listening horizons. Kizzy creates content around all sorts of topics, with a specific aesthetic in mind rather than just one niche, you know I dig that vibe. If you like pastel, vintage and Harajuku influenced style, you should give her a follow for sure!

I’ll try to do some more posts like this soon, because I think it’s important to use your platforms to celebrate others too. If someone has inspired you in whatever way, send them thanks, give them a shout out and let them know because it means the world to the individual. If you can recommend any other colourful creatives you think I should follow, drop me a comment or tweet or Instagram to @JayneKitsch.