8 Back to the Future Inspired Gifts & Accessories

Looking for a gift for a Back to the Future fan? It only seems fitting that we follow Miz’s epic Complete Guide to Time Travel Movies with another time travel, movie related post. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, the Back to the Future franchise probably gives you all kinds of feels. If you didn’t grow up with Doc Brown and McFly, or were a late bloomer to the time travel movie trilogy, there’s still no denying that Back to the Future is classic viewing. Packed with nostalgia, memorable quotes, awesome design, action and a great cast it’s fun film watching every time. In the spirit of the movies, I’ve pulled together this little edit of some brilliant Back to the Future inspired merchandise from licensed to indie made. If you spot something that I should add to this list or have a request for a future post, you know where to find us!

  • Enchantment Under the Sea T-Shirt by TruffleShuffle £19.99
  • Back to the Future Hoverboard Stool/Table by SkateHome £137 (also available as a lamp, bench & display piece)
  • Doc Brown and Marty McFly Lego Minifigures Box Frame by GeekFrames £45
  • Bart Simpson x Marty McFly Mash-Up Enamel Pin by ThumbsDesign £8 (other mash-up designs available)
  • Marvin Berry and the Starlighters T-Shirt by As Seen On Apparel £14.99
  • Outtatime Back to the Future License Plate Replica by Super6props £17.99
  • Twin Pines Replica Mall Clock Sign by Bob Cool £480
  • Back to the Future 2 Licensed Replica Baseball Hat from ForbiddenPlanet £24.99

If you’re looking for more gift ideas or indie shops to support, please explore the categories on our menu to read more. If you need a recommendation for something to watch you can tweet @JayneKitsch or visit the Film & TV category of our online magazine.

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