A Definitive Guide to Colourful Places You Can Visit in Europe: A Travel Bucketlist

This is an ongoing project for Team CMK, we want to host more travel advise and create a database of information for travellers seeking colour and creativity. To get started, we’ve pulled together a place to store ideas of colourful places to visit in Europe. Our first edit features a handful of obvious suggestions along with some offbeat ones, with some of our personal experience thrown in, but we hope we can help you find some brand new ideas. We’ll be adding to this on a regular basis, so if you have a suggestion for a place to add get in touch! Stay tuned for our edits of colourful places to visit in Asia, America and beyond! We’ll also be pulling together some edits of hotels and places to stay that will appeal to colour lovers and adventurers everywhere. Once we’ve visited a place personally, we’ll come back to this post and add in links to any related posts that will help your travels.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe

If you’re based close to any European city, travelling within Europe is fairly affordable and simple. Nowhere is insanely far away and it’s easy to visit lots of places in a short space or time. It’s not wonder that Europe has historically been a popular hub for backpackers and digital nomads from all walks of life. With so many places to visit, it’s difficult to make a final choice, so we hope this edit of colourful places alongside some factoids and personal experience will help you find your next destination.

Águeda, Portugal

With Portugal’s rich history of quality fresh food and wine, it’s no wonder that it’s a top destination for travellers on a budget. South of Porto, you’ll find the town of Águeda, just in land from the coast. Famous for it’s annual July festival, AgitÁgueda, which floods the town with colour and music for the month.  You will recognise this instantly Instagrammable, Rua Luis de Camoes with it’s colourful umbrella canopy from many Wanderlust Pinterest boards. Browse Agueda holidays here.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Colourful Umbrellas in Portugal

Photo Credit: Starrynight1 on Flickr

Cinque Terre, Italy

For a little slice of historical, countryside fishing village life on the Italian Riveria, head to Cinque Terre. A cluster of five towns with colourful painted houses, stunning scenery and a slow paced look at Italian Coastal living this is one for the bucket list! With all the old houses squished into the dramatic rock faces around a clear blue sea, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into a fairy tale. You can reach the remote villages via train from Genoa, Rome and Pisa or hire a car for a narrow, winding road adventure. Browse holidays to Cinque Terre here.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Colourful Fishing Village Cinque Terre Italy

Photo Credit: Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital, Vienna is famous for many creative people during history including Mozart, Beethoven, Sigmund Freud and actor, Christoph Waltz. For art, culture, architecture, history, food and a little confusingly; the Spanish Riding School, there’s plenty to keep you busy in this European capital city. For travellers seeking something a little different there’s more than a healthy handful of museums about human remains, a museum of art fakes and endless free art on the streets too. For the ultimate seeker of colour and oddity, the Hudertwasser buildings are a must-see! Shop Vienna holidays here.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Hundertwasser Buildings in Vienna Austria

Photo Credit: Virginie on Pixabay

Sintra, Portugal

If fairytale castles and magical towns in the foothills of Mountains are your thing, Sintra should be on your travel bucketlist. Close to Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, Sintra is a popular resort town filled with colour and history. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pena Palace followed by walks and hikes around many other local palaces and castles. We wonder how many fantasy films have been shot here? Browse holiday to Sintra, Portugal here

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Yellow and Red Castle in Sintra Portugal

Barcelona, Spain

Come for the Gaudi art and beautiful outdoor space in usually sunny weather and stay for the amazing diversity, food, drink and street art. Barcelona is a metropolis with a laid back, creative vibe that attracts people from all around the world. If you think you’ll practise your Spanish here, be prepared as there’s also Catalan language in use alongside hundreds of others. Wander Gracia region for a cool, trendy village feeling in an old part of town or explore El Raval for the alternative culture of Barcelona, with plenty of street art on every corner. Browse Barcelona holidays here

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Wroclaw, Poland

We’d love to revisit Wroclaw in the Summer, visiting in Winter is tough if you’re not prepared for snow. Whatever the weather Poland is a super affordable holiday destination within Europe, Wroclaw in particular is full of colourful old buildings and a sprinkling of street art and gnomes. As with any other European city, there’s shopping, museum, nightlife and art to enjoy too. See how many of the gnomes you can find whilst you’re there. If you venture to the nearby mountains you can go skiing and shop gemstones and crystal wares at bargain prices. Browse Wroclaw holidays here. 

Juzcar, Spain

This is an unusual one, this small town in the Malaga region of the South of Spain wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for a Smurfs movie related deal. Yes really, since 2011 Juzcar has been the Official Smurf Village of the World, after the whole town agreed to paint their houses blue as part of a movie publicity stunt orchestrated by Sony Pictures. Anyway, it proved a smart move for the town, which has since enjoyed a tourism boost. Browse Juzccar holidays here, guess what? The hotels are blue too.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Blue Smurf Houses in Juzcar Spain

Photo Credit: Ramón Ojeda on Flickr

Reykjavik, Iceland

The capital of Iceland and located on the coast, Reykjavik is a popular Scandinavian destination. Notoriously cheap to get to and less cheap once you get there, we’d recommend you have a good budget (or a friend you can stay with!) to make the most of this adventure. A mix of contemporary and traditional adds tons of charm to this small city, many of us will recognise the colourful painted buildings of the Old Harbour. Browse holidays to Reykjavik here.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Reykjavik Iceland

Photo Credit: Tim Wright on Unsplash

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Despite being a tourist traps for stag dos and mischievous lads holidays, Amsterdam is an incredibly beautiful and interesting place to visit. Once you get over the terror of bicycle traffic and you grasp the handy dial shaped layout of the city around the beautiful canals, it won’t take you long to discover something quirky or colourful amongst these Dutch streets. Famous for art, tulips, weed and neon lights Amsterdam is a strange mix of Blackpool and Paris, which has to be seen to be full understood. If you dig the Dutch vibe, wider afield you can find beautiful countryside, coastlines and many charming smaller villages and cities. Browse holidays to Amsterdam here.

Longyearbyen, Norway

It wouldn’t be a proper travel bucket list without a mention for the Northern Lights. For one of the best views of the Aurora Bourealis, the small Arctic town of Longyearbyen in Norway is the place to be. To make the place even more magical, expect to see rainbow coloured cabins, the North Pole Expeditions Museum and if you’re very lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a real Polar Bear. Browse holidays to Longyearbyen here.

Procida Island, Italy

Escape to a colourful Mediterrean Island that looks a little bit like someone spilt some paint over a set from Star Wars. One of the Flegrean Islands, Procida can be found off the coast of Naples. Enjoy a slower pace of life in sunny Procida with it’s ancient fishing culture, traditional architecture and of course, delicious fresh food. Browse holidays to Procida Island.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Colourful Seaside Island Procida Italy

Photo Credit: Erwin Doorn on Unsplash

London, England

I’ve spent more time in London than anywhere else in my life so far. I could write a book about awesome stuff you could do in London, in the meantime, you can browse the London tag on this site to find more reviews and recommendations. A hub of European style, entertainment and culture, there’s not much you can’t find in London should you do your research. Head to Soho for neon lights, cocktails and cabaret culture, Carnaby Street and Liberty for the city’s fashion heritage and trendy East London for incredible street art and rows of kick-ass independent businesses, markets, art exhibitions and more. Browse London holidays here.

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Costa Nova, Portugal

If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing the traditional beach hut taken to another level, then you might just want to head to Costa Nova in Portugal for their candy striped huts. The beach huts in Costa Nova are known as Palheiros, traditionally used by fishermen to store their equipment, since the rise of tourism in the picturesque town, the huts are now rented out to visitors and bathers. Enjoy soft white san dunes, warm weather and a clear ocean. Beautiful. Browse holidays to Costa Nova here.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Costa Nova Striped Beach Huts in Portugal

Sighişoara, Romania

If you’ve ever been a vampire fan, you want to visit Transylvania of Bram Stoker’s Dracula fame. Here’s your chance with a splash fo colour with the town of Sighişoara in Romania. What may look like a town of Hansel & Gretel candy coloured houses and pretty rooftops, is actually a UNESCO World Heritage and the origin of Vlad Ţepeş, the real life ruler who inspired the stories of vampires of Dracula. Unexpected and extremely interesting: rainbow colours and vampire souvenirs. Browse trips to Sighişoara here.

Colourful Places to Visit in Europe a Travel Bucketlist by CMK by Jayne Kitsch - Vlad the Impaler Home Sigisoara

Photo Credit: FreeStocks on Unsplash

Stay tuned, more being added all the time…

If you have a suggestion or a PR lead for a new place to visit or add to this list, please get in touch by tagging @JayneKitsch on Twitter or Instagram or visit the Contact page to find out more.

A colourful guide to visiting Europe by Jayne Kitsch.



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