Insert Coin Clothing Launch Katamari Damacy Official Collection

Do you love obscure Japanese video games that are impossible to explain without a demo? Then you know all about Katamari Damacy, the cult status gaming franchise about rolling up all the things with a sticky ball to appease the King and make new planets. Ok then. Believe me, it’s incredible and if you ever see a copy of any of the Katamari games, buy it. Katamari games are hard to come by and will bring you hours of psychedelic, hilarious enjoyment, whilst continuing to be a challenging puzzle and skill game. Whether you’re just curious because of the kawaii/obscure factor or already a solid fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that indie clothing brand, Insert Coin has secured the official license for Katamari apparel.

The first collection drop features two t-shirt options and a hoodie, all available for pre-order right now at £22 for a t-shirt or £44 for a hoodie. The brand promises more addition to this collection later this year, so if you dig what you see be sure to give the brand a follow to see what they will release next.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some stylish Gaming merch now, Insert Coin recently dropped a second Borderlands 2 Collection or you can browse more CMK geeky gift guides for more inspiration! Shop the Insert Coin Katamari Damacy collection right now to get your mitts on a pre-order.

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