Where to Buy Laptop Bags & Sleeves That Aren't Hideous

There are some things that are purchased for fun or pleasure. There are many things are purchased because they are necessary. An essential tool for freelancers, digital creatives or anyone who needs daily access to a laptop are decent practical and sturdy laptop bags and sleeves. However, it’s a bit like shopping for swimwear off season, the sensible options can be incredibly dull, especially when shopping in the obvious places. Luckily, with access a gazillion indie brands and design led brands online; brown, plain, practical choices are no longer the only option. To help combine practicality and style for your laptop bag or sleeve, I’ve pulled together a little edit to help you get inspired. Whether you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight option or to invest in a statement piece that will last a lifetime, I’ve got something for all budgets and tastes here. Don’t settle for dull, use this opportunity to brighten your wardrobe and support great design and small businesses whilst you’re at it.

  •  Yellow and Grey Felt Laptop Satchel from EtoiExclusive £33.34
  • Trolls Print Laptop Sleeve by Jade Boylan on Redbubble £28.34
  • Knitted Striped Ribbed Laptop Sleeves (in a variety of colours) by BitchyKitsch £14.32
  • Upcycled Lorry Curtain Messenger Bag (in a choice of colours) by SourcedLife £54.99

Tips for shopping for laptop bags online

A few notes on my picks from personal experience. If you already have a trusty backpack or other suitable day bag that fits your laptop inside, you only really need a simple sleeve with minimal padding to keep your laptop safe. However, if you’re looking for laptop bags that work as a friendly all-in-one bag I recommend satchel shapes, especially when made of thick, rigid material like The Cambridge Satchel Company’s designs. I’ve had a classic Cambridge Satchel for over 7 years in timeless primary red and it’s ideal, as the boxy structure makes it easy to carry everything you need in one place, plus the traditional materials and manufacturer method makes for a bag to last a lifetime. If you prefer something more casual in design, a messenger bag or back pack are great options for laptop-friendly carrying.

When you’re shopping online for laptop bags, be sure to compare the measurements of your laptop with that of the bag. There are so many different sizes of devices now and many options to match. It’ll take less than five minutes to get out the tape measure and check the dimensions before you hit buy. Depending on the value and build quality of your laptop, you may need more or less padding, so keep this is mind when pondering what style of laptop bags will work best for you.

All of the brands I’ve mentioned above offer a huge selection of laptop bags in a wonderful array of colours and prints, so enjoy browsing! I’m particularly in love with MokuyobiThreads and given the budget, would easily buy one of everything from their vibrant range. To support illustrators and graphics designers of various walks of life, you can find all kinds of designs on laptop bags, sleeves and skins on Redbubble, just pop in any keyword and enjoy browsing gazillions of options.

If you ever need shopping help and are looking for colour and creative design of something, do not hesitate to make a blog post request via email, Twitter or Instagram @JayneKitsch. I actually spent a year or so as a personal shopper within fashion and helping people make purchases that they’ll truly cherish is always something I’ve enjoyed doing. There’s so much mundane, cookie cutter stuff on the high street, I hope I can inspire people with more diverse shopping habits and to support more small brands and designers.

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