10 Cheerful Cosmetics Bags Ideal for Travelling

Whether you’re jumping on a plane for your next adventure or just need a way to organise all the crap in your bag, a good cosmetics bag is a useful accessory. When going through airport security, I always find it super useful to keep all the liquid and bits that need checking separate to the rest of my luggage too. A pouch that can easily sit at the top of our luggage makes the whole process a bit quicker and less stressful. If you’re just wanting to bring some harmony to your massive day bag (like me), pop all your everyday essentials into one of these cute and colourful pouches so they’re always at hand. As you know, I like to celebrate great design, small makers and handmade stuff, so I hope you’ll enjoy my edit of some of the cheerful cosmetics bags I could find.


  • Kawaii Chibi Final Fantasy Monster’s Large Pouch by Blue Potion Co £16.99
  • Harris Tweed Handmade in Scotland Cosmetics Bag by Faith Monsoon £28.00
  • Illustrated Raspberry Print Pouch by NuitBlaches £8.50
  • Handmade Red Polka Dot Pouch with Happy Apple Design by Katie Garey £18.00
  • Disney’s Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Yellow Washbag from TruffleShuffle £9.99

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