In Conversation with Alex Box: When Make Up and Art Collide...

When make up artist and generally all around creative, Alex Box asked me to help give her new project a shout out, how could I refuse? This wonderful being has helped me learn a lot about make up, art, being creative and being myself over the years, I owe her a lot. I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to spend some face to face time with Alex over the years and just a few days ago caught up on the telephone to discuss The Alex Box Performance and more.  If you’re not already familiar with Alex Box, she’s worked as Make Up Director on fashion shows for the likes of Gareth Pugh, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel. You will also recognise Alex Box’s creative flair within the brand, Illamasqua, of which she was Creative Director until 2015. Since leaving Illamasqua, Alex has worked on a number of personal projects including The Alex Box, t-shirt designs and leading creative on a variety of photo shoots for publications such as Berlin based King Kong Magazine. Alex also continues to create innovative make up looks for iconic fashion creators at Fashion Week and shoots, continuing to question the conventions of beauty and the make-up industry. Alex’s latest personal project comes in the form of a live make up art performance being produced in partnership with Erica Carr Global. The first performance is happening at an intimate 100 capacity venue, Rich Mix in London on 15th June 2018. I chatted with Alex to find out more, so read on to get a little insight into what to expect.

Alex Box Conversation Live Make Up Performance in London featured on CMK by Jayne Kitsch

Alex is excited about being able to bring her unique and organic approach to make up performance to a small, intimate audience. You may have caught another of Alex’s performance at IMATS or another pro make up event, this new custom curated make up performance experience will be very different. Harnessing the power of the right musical playlist, “a black rubber womb like room” and Alex’s desire to create a “a spiritual experience that invites the audience to switch off and immerse themselves”, doesn’t sound like your usual make-up demo right? Well, Alex’s background is fine art, traditional art so it makes sense to combine art, performance and make-up in this way. Without giving too much away, Alex described her goals for the performance creation, stating how she aims to “create life from nothing, creating a discussion about shape, form, surfaces and the journey of life” all through the unexpected power of cosmetics and probably something she’s foraged or discovered on her adventures. Alex Box is not your usual make up artist.

With tickets for the London show starting from £150 in order to cover the epic costs of this sort of operation, Alex hopes that this will be the start of bigger, more regular live make-up performances in a variety of possible formats and venues, opening up her make-up creativity to a broader audience. In addition to the hour and a half performance, Alex tells me there will be a post-performance Q&A, with the goal of “not leaving until we’ve answered every question”, this added feature to the event adds massive value to professionals, art lovers and creatives of a variety of practises.

If you’d like to read more about Alex Box there are many articles on CMK and you can visit the Alex Box website to buy performance tickets and to learn more. I wish I was going to be in London to attend myself, but super looking forward to hearing all about the event and future projects. Alex told me a few other things she’s working on too, I can’t tell you more just yet, but there are many brilliant reasons why any creative should tune into Alex’s social media or mailing list to be kept up to date.


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