12 Travel YouTube Channels to Inspire Your South East Asia Adventure

If you didn’t know already, we are preparing to launch our first YouTube Channel, Miz has been super busy filming and editing everywhere we’ve been so far, supported by my GoPro and mobile phone artistry. We underestimated how much time it might take to get this up and running. Fitting editing photos and videos, client work, booking trips and accommodations and just day to day living into your day is a little bit hectic and quite a change of pace. So, whilst we get organised, keep adapting and take a little break from moving around for a bit, here in Penang, Malaysia we thought we’d fill some time with some extra blog posts.

You can see plenty of our travel photos on Instagram already via @MizTrujillo and @JayneKitsch. Whenever you’re travelling somewhere new, it’s essential to do your research first, there is so much to take in and a lot of culture change to absorb. We’ve found YouTube incredible inspiring and useful for prepping and inspiring our travel ideas. It’s important to give props to those who inspire you and those who are working hard to create amazing content, so today we’re going to run down just a few of the YouTube channels that we love and have helped us plan our way across South East Asia. Naturally, there are loads more that we could mention, but this is a great place to start. Once the Odd Odyssey channel is ready, we hope you’ll enjoy that too, in the meantime here are 12 YouTube Channels to check out that will help inspire your South East Asia travels.

Flying the Nest

This adorable couple from Australia has been travelling the world for quite some time, filming it all along the way. They even got married whilst travelling in Greece (they had their honeymoon in Brighton, our last British hometown) and it’s awesome to see how they work together and help each other be braver. Their videos cover all kinds of exotic and exciting locations, including some in South East Asia and their production values are excellent. We love their genuine personalities and offbeat picks when it comes to choosing destinations and activities.

Strictly Dumpling

Need food inspiration? Mike Chen is your man, marvel at his endless appetite as he eats just about everything he can find from South East Asia to India to back home in America. We love Mike’s enthusiasm and detailed reviews of restaurants, street vendors and local delicacies. He’s also an expert in all you can eat buffets, if that’s something you’re looking for from your travels, we haven’t quite worked up the appetite for those just yet, but there’s a few on our bucketlist. As his channel names suggest, Mike is also a connoisseur of Dim Sum, one of our favourite dishes. If you’re a fan of Man vs. Food, we expect that you’re going to love this channel, because Mike can eat ALOT.

Kinging It

If you’re looking for no-nonsense travel content with bags of personality, you need Kinging It! Cancer survivor Aimee and her boyfriend Craig hail from South Wales and are currently driving a small car from Wales to Russia, as you do! Before their Mongol Rally adventure, they extensively explored South East Asia and beyond whilst capturing some sick photography on their GoPro cameras. Their channel has a great sense of fun, they don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid of documenting the shit side of travelling too.

Lost LeBlanc

Want to get a taste of the luxury side of travel? Christian’s channel Lost LeBlanc is where it’s at for the Instagram model aesthetic without compromising on useful information and valuable insights. One of the big players in the travel YouTube world, this Canadian travel vlogger creates highly professional content with a speciality on South East Asia since he’s spent over 3 years exploring the place. Lost LeBlanc is also a great place to pick up tips about becoming a YouTube star, whilst enjoying some epic wanderlust content.

Alexander Travelbum

If you’re seeking adventure on a budget, relative newbie to YouTube, Alexander Travelbum provides stunning visuals and useful information combined with his soothing tone of voice and a pleasing Wes Anderson aesthetic. Since exploring South East Asia, Alexander’s also done a stint of Van Life in America with his girlfriend and they are now documenting Europe. If you want to know more about Mr. Travelbum, Miz interviewed him for the KITSCH.inc blog a few months back. This channel deserves more subscribers for sure!

Migrationology (Mark Weins)

Thailand based Mark Weins and his accompanying blog, Migrationology are one of the ultimate destinations for travel food content. For coverage on just about every local dish and delicacy in South East Asia and beyond from the classics to the bizarre, you’ll find it on Mark’s channel. You’ll finish viewing with an extremely long list of places to eat, vegans might want to give this channel a miss though as some of the content is not for the faint-hearted.

The Smart Local

Pick up tips from real-life South East Asians with Singapore based, The Smart Local. Their playful channel features lifestyle and travel content about Singapore and nearby, designed to be by locals for locals, but we love it too! As well as inspiration for places to visit and things to eat, you’ll also find fun videos like their Hired or Fired series, where the team test out local jobs for the day including selling Durians and making ice cream.

Kara and Nate

Another cute travel couple alert! Kara and Nate are a husband and wife team aiming to visit 100 countries by 2019 and they are doing a great job at ticking off those destinations. This award-winning duo manages to upload daily to YouTube, so you can follow their adventure extremely closely with travel tips, content creator advise and vlogging content to give you a real taste of what life on the road can be like and how you can do it too!

Passport Heavy

If like us, you’re considering the Digital Nomad life and like the idea of being able to live comfortably at the fraction of the price of back home, then Passport Heavy is a great place to start. This channel gives you a handy lowdown on many of the popular Digital Nomad cities, with clear to follow budget guideline and tips on how to live like royalty without breaking the bank. Passport Heavy also provides a balanced viewpoint on the pros and cons of each destination, which is a great way to help you get started.

Erwan Heussaff

Another one for foodies, Philipines based Erwan Heussaff is a chef who’ll help you cook up a storm and keep fit whilst giving you great insights into many of South East Asia’s popular destinations. We love his 24 hours in series, which give you a quick overview of what you can enjoy in a short stay in any of Asia’s cities, whilst also highlighting local issues, culture and foodie spots.

The Budgeteers

For something a little different in format, The Budgeteers has been produced in more of a documentary series format instead of a traditional YouTube vlog. Each series sees the team exploring a new destination, including a series on South East Asia and specifically, Myanmar. As the name suggests, this is a great place to come if you’re travelling on a small budget to give you some inspiration before you get going. Many episodes are up to 30 minutes long, so you might want to settle down with a cuppa before you quickly lose a day (or two) binge watching.

Art Thomya (Hey Asean!)

Local advice is super valuable and that’s why we love Thai singer/songwriter Art Thomya and his travel videos covering South East Asia and beyond. If you’re looking for a quick taste of a location, his videos offer a useful overview of the best things to see, do and eat in various places that are likely already on your bucketlist, whilst also highlighting hidden gems. As well as Art, you’ll also meet lots of his local friends along the way, that help give extra dimension to the travel advise.

We could naturally, go on for a while on this topic. The list originally started as a top 5 and quickly expanded to this. If you have a recommendation for a YouTube channel for us to follow, drop us a comment below or get in touch on Twitter, Instagram or email. We’re keen to meet up with other fellow travellers and collaborate on content together, so do get in touch if you like what we’re doing.  We’re sure they’ll be another YouTuber list with a more specific focus in the coming weeks. If you want to be the first to know about our YouTube channel, you can subscribe in anticipation to Odd Odyssey on YouTube and follow @oddodysseytv on Instagram. You can also explore our Travel category here on CMK for our personal tips and experiences written down.


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