Official Ricky & Morty Fashion & Accessories to Impress

Time to get schwifty with this Rick & Morty geeky gift guide. N.B: gifts include items purchased for yourself, is that self-love? Let me know in the comment. 😉 As a big fan of cartoons, it makes sense to give Ricky & Morty some love. If you haven’t watched the show before, I’m not sure why you would be here. Perhaps check out my cartoon show recommendations post instead!

Anyway, since the announcement of 70 new Ricky & Morty episodes by Adult Swim; hype is naturally building around this psychedelic, parody series set in the not too distant future. It’s been estimated that these space and time travelling duo are set to appear on 500 pieces of official merchandise within the next year. From luxury hip-hop inspired jewellery by King Ice, an official Dungeons and Dragons game to a PO-137 pocket synthesizer suggested for sampling your own farts and turning them into music. Ok, then!

Unsurprisingly, Pickle Rick slides into his role as Harmon and Roiland’s version of Towelie and makes quite a lot of (rather well designed) appearances, despite the intended absurdity of the character. In this gift guide, I wanted to go a bit deeper than the obvious HMV pick-ups (ahem, POPS!) and find ways to wear your Rick & Morty fandom in style!

Ricky & Morty Fashion and Accessories

Naturally, Rick & Morty is the perfect partner for skate culture and style. This means you can pick up some pretty sick, totally wearable fashion items. Head to SkateHut to find official Rick & Morty collaborations with Stance socks and skate brand, Primitive. There’s a great range of skate decks and clothing from Primitive, in particular.

I love to show my fandom in my shoes, usually in the form of Vans, but these high tops tick the boxes for me too. The timeless design with Rick & Morty patch details make them totally wearable, whilst the optional addition of the glow in the dark laces is super fun!

A little love for Loungefly

If you’re not already aware of the brand Loungefly, look them up! They are masters of licensed collaborations in the form of bags and purses; although some are a little pastel and twee for my personal taste. I can’t believe I’ve not seen more about their Rick & Morty collection, because it’s flipping brilliant. Expect more hype, in coming, I’m sure! Featured in this guide are two of the more extravagant designs to hit the UK so far, but I’d also recommend checking out their simpler printed rucksacks (including a Pickle Rick print!) which haven’t turned up in Europe yet.

How can you not love the Snowball backpack? Not only would this make an excellent addition to any planned Rick & Morty cosplay, it’s also damned adorable and practical too! For a smaller pick-up the portal gun umbrella and metal hip flask make great gifts or “sensible” additions to your otherwise dreary life.

More cartoon collaboration merch

Whilst I’ve got your attention, if you had your eyes on either the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Mars Attack collection from Santa Cruz, they’re both on sale at SkateHut currently. If you didn’t realise already, there are affiliate links in this post, this means that if you choose to purchase something you’ve seen me recommend, you can click on the link and I’ll earn a small commission for introducing you. Only polite, don’t you agree?

Let me know what you think and if you spot any other brilliant Rick & Morty merch, or anything else that you think deserves to be featured for that matter. Cover image credit: William Tung.