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7 Cactus Themed Gifts & Accessories for Under £30

Sometime flowers won’t do. Yes, flowers are lovely for many occasions and I’m not going to lie, I do dig the colours, but I’d almost always prefer seeing them in the ground rather than uprooted. However, there’s something pretty special about the cactus. I remember childhood injuries from being too curious of the floral variety […]

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7 Dinky Heart Shaped Gifts & Accessories to Make you Smile

Thought I should write something on trend but with a twist, since today’s St. Valentine’s Day. We don’t really celebrate it in a big way, but we did use it as an excuse to have a mini adventure around the city. We ate cute person shaped donuts and drank craft beers, whilst spotting dogs in […]

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Santa Cruz x Mars Attacks Topps Cards Collaboration Skate Deck & Apparel Collection

One of the best things about Instagram is the stumble-upon effect, when you discover something totally awesome that you weren’t expecting to see today. That thing today is the Santa Cruz x Mars Attacks skate collaboration collection. Some of you might know Mars Attacks because of the 1996 Tim Burton film, but the origins are […]

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6 Sizzling Indie Pizza Themed Accessories for National Pizza Day

Twitter tells me it’s #NationalPizzaDay, I’m guessing that’s a UK thing and goodness knows who decided that such a day should exist. However, as a lifelong pizza advocate, it would be dumb for me to not want to acknowledge it, somehow. The ultimate comfort food, the one food that seems somehow impossible to completely screw […]

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Big Bud Press Launch Kickstarter for Colourful Unisex Basics Made in Los Angeles

Los Angeles based Big Bud Press have been on my radar for a while, their Instagram is 100% my ideal fashion aesthetic. Established in 2015, this retro and rainbow inspired clothing and accessories brand aim to create unisex clothes that work equally well on all body shapes. Not just men’s clothes that happen to fit […]

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Where to Buy Indie & Handmade 5-Panel Hats

Who doesn’t love hats? Miz really loves hats, I recently went shopping to buy him a new 5-panel hat and was pretty surprised at how expensive the ones on the high street have become. With many top skate or street-style brands charging up to £50, which is a little out of my budget, I thought […]

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Lazy Oaf Betty Boop Fashion Collection 2018

I’ve been a fan of Lazy Oaf since the start, back when they only made printed t-shirts. In 2018, the brand is huge! They’ve launched multiple collaborative collections over the year with some iconic artists and cartoon brands. If you dig cartoons and colour and don’t already know about Lazy Oaf, you’re in for a […]

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The Simpsons Inspired Indie Fashion & Accessories Gift Guide

Is there anything more iconic 90s than The Simpsons? This timeless cartoon is very close to my heart, a cartoon I could share with my family and connect me with friends. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can’t remember even a handful of dinner time The Simpsons sessions, particularly ones likely to be […]

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PUMA x Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Suede Shoes & Apparel Collection 2018

There’s a new Hello Kitty collaboration on it’s way and praise the goddess of kawaii that it’s not pink! I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t drawn to this simplistic kitten character, although officially Hello Kitty isn’t a cat, but that’s another story. Today’s story is about this kick-ass collaboration with PUMA to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their suede shoe design.

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Get Reppin’ Blizzard’s Overwatch with this Wild Bangarang Leggings Collection

You probably already know the nylon clothing brand with a alt, nerd twist, Black Milk, but do you know about Wild Bangarang? Well, these guys are your UK version, based in Sussex, they’re doing a pretty swell job at capturing the geek market. With collaborations with World of Warcraft, Tokidoki and WWE already under their belt, it’s awesome to see this fledgling brand flourish with another ridiculously good collab. I’ve been an Overwatch fan since the start and absolutely love how they’ve translated this to shiny nylon legwear.

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