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Awesome Examples of Brands on Social Media

Since I’ve gone freelance officially this week as a social media and blogger relations consultant (among other things, read more here) I thought it would be nice to start featuring a few posts about the industry in which I work and have been working in for over four years officially. So, here’s a social media […]

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Why We All Love Lists at #BBCSocial

So a few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the BBC Academy of Journalism at MediaCity in Manchester on a panel about content curation alongside the UK Editor of Buzzfeed and the UK Country Director of Pinterest, I joined the panel as a blogger. It was a totally amazing experience and I’m so […]

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Blog Tips: Obvious Things that Bloggers Forget to Do

So, I’ve been doing blogger outreach for brands for about three years now, so therefore spend a lot of time browsing a variety of blogs. There’s a few things that always crop up as annoying as a brand, things that make it difficult for me to get in touch with a blogger or make it […]

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Working with Magazines as a Blogger

Ok, so if you didn’t notice already, magazines are increasingly wanting to collaborate with bloggers, whether that be for awards, online content or a feature in a magazine, we’re seeing more bloggers pop up in magazines. Is this because magazines love bloggers? Or is it a clever strategy to leverage the online power that blogger […]

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Goodbye Google Reader! Is GFC Next?

Today, it has been announced by Google that a number of their products will be closing this year, you can read the full story on TechCrunch. For bloggers, the main closure we need to be worried about is the closure of Google Reader. Many blogger will be using Google Reader as a way to keep […]

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The Reality of Being a Blogger

There’s been some upset in the blogosphere of late that I wanted to address. I’ve already been tweeting to some of those bloggers who are feeling disheartened and uninspired about their blogs directly to see if I can help. I reckon that lots of us might feel the same so I’m writing this post to […]

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A Bloggers Introduction to SEO

A few weeks ago on a #bbloggers chat I gave some information and tips about SEO for blogs. I was very surprised at how many bloggers came back to me not even knowing what SEO stood for. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to write a little post for you about, as […]

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#BlogLove for It’s a Mandy Thing

Today’s #bloglove goes to Mandy, a blogger I was introduced to via the lovely Holly Arabella. My favourite thing about Mandy are her excellent YouTube videos, I’ve not been much of a vlogger watcher until I saw Mandy, she has two channels, MillyMollyMakeup which is the usual make up looks and swatches and her other […]

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#BlogLove for Hello, Terri Lowe

To continue the #bloglove theme, I’m going to be bringing you a series of mini profiles of some individual bloggers that I love. First up is another girl crush of mine, Terri Lowe. Terri’s tweets are some of my favourite to follow, she’s honest, sarcastic and hilarious. Terri’s blog, Hello, Terri Lowe is the perfect […]

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Do you like my Tweets?

This is a complete long shot, but I’m feeling rather perky this week, so I’m going to make this plea nonetheless! The Shorty Awards are a annual awards celebrating social media, they are based in America and a huge dealio when it comes to social. This year they have two categories that I would fit […]

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