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The Simpsons Inspired Indie Fashion & Accessories Gift Guide

Is there anything more iconic 90s than The Simpsons? This timeless cartoon is very close to my heart, a cartoon I could share with my family and connect me with friends. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can’t remember even a handful of dinner time The Simpsons sessions, particularly ones likely to be […]

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Get Reppin’ Blizzard’s Overwatch with this Wild Bangarang Leggings Collection

You probably already know the nylon clothing brand with a alt, nerd twist, Black Milk, but do you know about Wild Bangarang? Well, these guys are your UK version, based in Sussex, they’re doing a pretty swell job at capturing the geek market. With collaborations with World of Warcraft, Tokidoki and WWE already under their belt, it’s awesome to see this fledgling brand flourish with another ridiculously good collab. I’ve been an Overwatch fan since the start and absolutely love how they’ve translated this to shiny nylon legwear.

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#IndieLove: Rugrats 90s Inspired Fashion & Accessories

I’ve loved cartoons forever. I don’t think there’s been very long in my life where I haven’t swayed towards animated films and television as a preference. I’ll happily watch Cartoon Network all day, even now as an adult and I grew up on Wallace & Gromit stop motion animation. It’s not just for kids either, […]

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Pikachu in a Bath Illustrated Print on a Pokemon Etsy Gift Guide

#IndieLove: 10 Pokemon Themed Handmade & Indie Gift Ideas

Time for another geeky gift guide from the wonderful indie designers and makers of Etsy. This time it’s a blast of 90s nostalgia packed full of cuteness that still captures our hearts today, Pokemon!

As one to never follow trends, I was the only one at school that didn’t buy into Pokemon cards at the peak of their UK based popularity. Being the odd one out, I claimed to love Digimon more and put myself in the socially awkward position of having no one to swap cards or play with, classic me. Anyway, I helped my sister swap her cards a few times and definitely spent a lot of time watching Pokemon cartoons as a kid. Anyway, if you’ve got some Pokemon loving lovelies in your life that you need to shop for or just fancy catching a cute treat for yourself, read on to find out where to find my edit of Etsy Pokemon pretties.

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Movies: 5 Animated Films To Watch on a Lazy Sunday

Cartoons aren’t just for kids. If you still think that animation isn’t made for adults too, just spend an hour watching South Park, Family Guy or Rick & Morty episodes and you’ll quickly get the gist. People have been making animations and comic strips for adults as well as children since the start of entertainment. You can see examples in early cinema, Victorian magazines and of course, comic books!


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#IndieLove: 8 Stunning Spirited Away Fan Art Creations on Etsy

I’ve always been a fan of animation and the types of stories generally told via cartoons. I collected manga when I was at school, favouring kawaii creations like Chobits and Fruit Baskets. Whilst my mother collected horror manga and nasty Asian revenge films (you know the types!) and Neil Gaiman graphic novels. I dipped into anime via the Animatrix and Yoshitako Amano’s artwork for Vampire Hunter D, but it wasn’t until Spirited Away was first released in cinemas that I discovered Studio Ghibli. I’ll no doubt do these lists for the other films from this legendary Japanese animation studio, but I thought considering my back story this was a good place to start.

Here are my picks of some of my favourite Spirited Away fan art items that you can buy on Etsy. Remember, when you shop with an indie maker or creator, you’re helping dreams come true rather than funding a massive corporation that wouldn’t even notice if you stopped buying from them. Right now is probably the worst time to be a creative business it is hard to survive, so if you value art, music, fashion or anything else that requires artists or creator to function (so nearly everything) consider shopping with independent businesses or directly with local (or international) artisans instead next time you shop.

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Star Wars Satin Embroidered Jacket with R2D2 and C3PO Design in Black and Gold from Her Universe

Style for Fangirls of All Sizes: Her Universe

Ok, so the last few blog are clearly indicating to you my love for geekdom and style combined. I like nice clothes, jewellery, make up and shoes but I don’t dig the mainstream offerings for many reasons. Today I wanted to highlight a brand that I only recently stumbled back upon that I reckon a good handful of my readers will appreciate as much as I do. Introducing to you, maybe for the first time, Her Universe, fangirl apparel for all shapes, sizes and styles.

Left: Star Wars C3PO Embroidered Jacket, Right: Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula Dress

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#IndieLove: 9 Overwatch Inspired Gaming Gifts

I’d like to write more often about gaming, although I’m far from an expert. What I do know is that I find video games an awesome form of relaxation and a well needed distraction from reality from time to time. I’m not a hardcore gaming, but I definitely enjoy a gaming break over a Netflix […]

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New Biz: Food Scouts…

If you don’t follow me on at least one social media platform than you don’t know this already. So, to most of you I apologise if I’m boring you with yet another post about this, but I’ve got shit to sell and bills to pay, as I’m sure many of you can relate to. This Summer, Miz and I started a new business, Food Scouts. It’s evolved several times since we first had the idea to do something food related, but we’re now happy to present you with an alternative streetwear apparel brand with designs inspired by food and punk rock. Bear with me, there’s more to it.

C2 Red Wall

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#IndieLove: 8 Twin Peaks Inspired Gifts & Accessories

Can you believe that I only started watching Twin Peaks properly this year? Despite been a film and TV nerd for my entire life and spending 3 years studying the subject at Leeds Uni, I somehow, managed to miss out on this hype. I think I tried to watch the first episode a few times […]

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