CMK is a professional online magazine created by Jayne Kitsch, with over 10 years professional content creation and digital marketing experience, this site does monetise certain elements of its content. We like to be as honest and transparent as possible, so if you have any specific questions not covered in this section, get in touch, we are happy to chat.

Content that has been completely paid for will be marked as a sponsored post clearly in the body of the post. Where relevant and natural, we use affiliate links to link to places you can purchase products and this allows us to earn a small commission from anything purchased. We also occasionally sell display advertising to help fund further development of the site and our work.

Sometimes we accept event invitations, complimentary products and experiences in exchange for coverage or as part of our professional journey. We aim to be as clear as possible when we have received something for free, as we only think this is fair.

With all this being said, we do not feature brands, events or experiences unless they fully complement our aesthetic and ethos whether we have been paid or not. We wouldn’t spend all this time creating content if we didn’t care about it.