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5 Colourful Vegan & Cruelty Free Make-Up Brands to Try

It’s been a little while since I wrote a beauty post and I’d forgotten how much of a minefield shopping for genuinely cruelty free & vegan cosmetics can be. Whenever I have a choice, I always choose cruelty free with make-up and almost always choose vegan, I’m not perfect after all and it does become tiresome checking every loophole and label. To cut to the point, I’ve pulled together five (almost entirely) vegan and 100% cruelty free brands that you should check out. I’ve not included the boring ones though, I’ve picked ones that are creative and colourful too. There’s a few obvious ones that are missing, I know and I’ve chosen not to include some of them for reasons you can easily find if you Google the brand name + drama. I’ve also chosen to focus in on brands that are free of parent companies, which can often throw a massive spanner in the works if you’re trying to be as ethical as possible. I’ll explain more on this later.

If you want to get a little more insight into cruelty free and vegan beauty loopholes, I wrote an article for Illamasqua’s magazine back in 2013 which explains a little more. If you want the latest information, I’d recommend checking out Fashion Fix Daily’s edit of some cruelty free beauty bloggers to follow for some more cruelty free inspiration. Basically, you need to make yourself aware of who owns the beauty brand and whether or not they sell in China, as these are two things that have an impact. Since the EU policy change and the rising popularity of ethical shopping, there are loads of cruelty free brands and many that cater to vegans too, but to find one that is 100% cruelty free, vegan and ethical is tough. If you can give me any stellar examples, I’d love to discover some new beauty brands!

The main ingredients to look out for it you’re shopping vegan beauty are beeswax, carmine and lanolin which are most commonly used in lip products, skin products and red toned coloured items. If in doubt, always read the ingredients and ask the brand. If they don’t give you a super clear and confident answer somewhere, I’d be suspicious. Naturally, with all of these ethical shopping topics, it’s up to you how far you want to/can go with your cruelty free and vegan beauty finding, but I hope this article will help guide you.

So here’s my latest edit, I’ve given you all the information I think is relevant to help you find your new favourite vegan and cruelty free make up brand!

Barry M Cosmetics

This is a classic. If you have ever lived in the UK you will 100% have owned at least three Dazzle Dusts in your time. The best bit about good ol’ Barry M is that it’s super affordable and easy to find in Boots and Superdrug stores all over the place. The brand is 100% cruelty free, but does occasionally use animal bi-products such as beeswax, however, they’ve implemented a super clear vegan symbol to highlight their vegan friendly products. So although you can’t have full reign of the range, it makes it a hell of a lot easier. Ethical Elephant has published a list of their vegan friendly products if you want a quick reference guide. Not all of their products are amazing, which is fair enough considering the low price point, but I’ve personally always gone back to them for blushers, liquid liners and nail polishes in particular. I’ve always found Barry M a particularly great choice if you want to experiment with a look before committing to buying a better quality, more expensive version.

Beauty Bakerie

This brand is super cute and only a recent addition to the European beauty market. Created by Cashmere Nicole, the brand aims to be a sweet and friendly addition to a beauty market that is flooded with bad girl stereotypes. This comes through in a timeless and pretty collection of wearable, adorable collection inspired by candy, cakes and ice cream. Their campaign imagery is consistently diverse and is a much needed dose of pretty originality in a sea of pastel pinks and bleach blonde hair. I love their branding and packaging design ALOT! Although not 100% vegan technically, they class themselves as vegan friendly as the only animal by-product they use is carmine in a few items with red pigments, this is derived from beetles, so I guess it depends how you feel about beetles.


One of my all time favourites is American brand, Sugarpill created by Amy Doan (aka Shrinkle) and independently owned, this brand has its roots firmly in alternative subcultures, popular with drag queens, punk rockers and kawaii style seekers a like. The brand is 100% cruelty free and always has been and the vast majority of their products are vegan too. Their eyeshadows and pigments are stunning and available in a wondeful range of shades with quality to rival even the most expensive professional make up brands. In recent years the brand has added lipsticks and liquid lipsticks to their line-up too. The prices start from a tenner, it’s fairly priced so good for treat. In the UK and Europe you can shop the range from CutECOsmetics.

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Lunatick Cosmetics Lab

If you’re looking for a brand with a little bit of a gothic edge, you’ll dig one of my last two picks the most. Lunatick Labs is another American independent brand with everything 100% vegan and cruelty free! Huzzah! A straight forward brand that ticks all the boxes. Their entire brand is inspired by old school horror movies, so you’ll find coffin shaped palettes, lipsticks in bullet casings and ouija board inspired packaging. They push the boundaries with the colour ranges too offering everything from neutral to bizarre blues and greens. You’ll find a slightly higher price range here, but the design and quality make it justifiable. One to put on the wishlist, you can shop the range in the UK & Europe from CutECOsmetics.

Kat Von D Beauty

The first thing you might want to know about this brand is that it’s owned by the same parent company that makes Fenty by Rhianna, Marc Jacobs Fragrances and Beauty, BITE Beauty and a few more, Kendo Brands. The majority of their business seems cruelty free, with vegan friendly options, however as they sell Marc Jacobs fragrances in China (where it is law to test cosmetics on animals currently) there’s a tiny loophole here. However, Kat Von D has been consistently one of my favourite brands since I first discovered it in Sephora in New York, many moons ago. They offer an incredible range of colours, textures and product types to suit all skin tones and personalities whilst also delivering professional quality and stunning branding & packaging. Naturally, the punk rock goth aesthetic that Kat Von D brings to the table is very much my style, so it’s my favourite on this list. In Europe you can find Kat Von D in Sephora and in the UK the range recently launched into Debenhams. The highest price point on this list, but if you really want to invest in your products, this is one of the brands I’d always go back to. They also have a brilliant Instagram account and recently launched collaborations with drag superstar Divine and Billie Joe Armstrong of Greenday, yes really!

I love discovering new beauty brands, especially if they’ve got a good story and great morals behind them too. If you spot anything that you think I’d dig, get in touch via the contact menu or find me on Twitter or Instagram @JayneKitsch.

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An Honest Beauty Regime by an Ex-Beauty Blogger

It’s been about two years now since it became clear that I was definitely no longer a beauty blogger and I haven’t even posted a selfie since October 2016. I never wanted to fit neatly into one blog category, beauty was just something that I got so involved with that meant it only seemed natural to focus on it for a period of time. In fact, in reality, I never really wanted to be a blogger, funny how things pan out.

Now I’m no longer working exclusively with beauty brands in my personal or professional life, things are different and a lot has changed, I’m also re-learning who I am as being a beauty blogger became such a huge part of my identity and it wasn’t healthy for me personally. I don’t attend blogger events anymore and I don’t receive endless supplies of free products, things in my beauty world have changed a lot! I do still love beauty, but my priorities and circumstances have changed. I’ve had a complete overhaul of my regime as I can no longer afford to buy some of the luxury products I was accustomed to trying for free and I have so much make-up now that I don’t feel like spending my precious spare income on yet more make-up, when I’ve got much bigger plans in my head and other things give me more joy these days than a new lipstick.

Blue in Wonderland with Flowers Edit

Illustrated self portrait in the style of Alice in Wonderland. 

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Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in A-Go-Go with Illamasqua Eyes and Cheeks

Matte liquid lipstick is one of my favourite beauty things ever when it comes to make up. I love wearing bright, weird coloured lipstick but hate having to reapply or struggle with transferring lip colours when eating, drinking or smooching. My first matte lip colour love was Illamasqua’s Encounter (my first ever Illamasqua purchase too) and then my first liquid matte lip was Lime Crime Velvetines, but since I fell out of love with Lime Crime due to their drama, I’ve been searching for a replacement and I’ve found it!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bright Orange A-Go-Go Review and Swatch by Jayne Kitsch (Jayne Robinson) featuring Illamasqua Wisdom Precision Ink, Phee's Make Up Tips Glow Highlight Powder and Illamasqua Lover Powder Blusher

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Outfit Post: Yumi Bird Print Collared Dress and George Fox Bag

It really is a challenge to do outfit posts at this time of year, it’s a blogger cliche but it’s so true! Natural light makes life so much easier. It’s even more challenging when you run out of batteries for your external flash which is usually the life saver in this situation. Anyway, time for a new outfit post shot by Miz in the hallways of our block of flats, turned out pretty nice.

jayne kitsch yumi wednesday adams inspired collared dress from house of fraser, tatty devine lolly pop necklace, doc martens and fox bag from george at asda outfit post


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My Looks Using the Illamasqua Earth Collection Draco Pigment and Nomadic Palette

Last week I made a flying visit to London and to my old home area of Shoreditch to finally step foot in Ace Hotel despite living in a building attached to it for over 6 months! Anyway, the 2 hour round trip to London is always worth it when it means Illamasqua and most importantly getting to spend some time with the amazing and inspiring Alex Box. The team introduced us to the new Earth collection which is available now and I’ve got two of the products to show you.

illamasqua earth collection nomadic palette and draco pure pigment looks and swatches autumn winter elements inspired collection jayne kitsch jayne robinson


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Mystic Purple Hair with Colour Freedom…

I’ve officially had weird coloured hair for over a year now, I had bright orange and bright red for about a year and then went into the territory of blues, purples and greens. I’m pretty sure my hair is just stained blue now and due to a little bleach mishap I’m going to be sticking to this tone for a while longer. Today, I’m going to tell you a little about my latest hair dye trial and shade.

mystic purple semi permanent hair colour from colour freedom in superdrug review and swatch by jayne kitsch jayne robinson

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Shimmery highlights and pastel eyes….

Uh oh spagehettio, it’s been a while again. Oh well. Here’s one of my favourite make up looks that I’ve done in a long while using some newly discovered products that are quick becoming favourites of mine. Read on if you want to find out what I used (if I can remember everything!)

phee's make up tips original glow highlight powder, sugarpill mochi pressed eyeshadow, kiko cosmetics gel liner, too faced melted lipstick in melted peony by jayne robinson of jayne kitsch

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LunatiCK Labs Zombie Defense Palette Review Now Available in the UK!

You know how much I love discovering new brands right? Well, here’s a goodie that’s recently landed at my favourite online cosmetics shop, CutECOsmetics. This range is a indie, small, handmade brand from America called LunatiCK Labs, in addition it’s also talc free, vegan and cruelty free, how awesome is that? But, wait until you see it in all its glory! This brand has previously been unavailable to buy in the UK so it’s great news for fans of quirky make up!

The whole range is inspired by old school horror films and aims to produce ethical, professional quality products, how cool is the palette?!

DSC_4100 (600x399)

The inside of the palette features characters from old horror films and a bat shaped mirror and lots of other references to the horror genre, isn’t is awesome? It’s pretty damn special.

DSC_4101 (600x399)

DSC_4102 (600x399)

Inside each palette you get five shades of super soft, highly pigmented colours in shades inspired by the horror genre, this is the Zombie Defense palette and the shades here are called: Red Rum Red, Amberzombie & Ditch, BBRRAAIINNZZ, Gain Green, The End Is Near. I have the feeling that these shadows were originally formulated in a powder form as they are super soft and have a lot of fall out when you use them, they come with acrylic circles to cover each shadow and the idea is that you can use these to repress the shadows if it becomes a problem.

DSC_4105 (600x399)

This palette has a great mixture of textures and useful shades. The purple and green are satin finish with a tiny bit of fine shimmer and I just love them together, the burgundy shade is gorgeous for a neutral look it’s the colour of dark bronze with a metallic finish. I don’t own many black eyeshadows so this one is a great addition, it’s highly pigmented and has a touch of silver and gold glitter and finally the blue is a deep royal blue with a matte finish. LOVE them.

As mentioned before the shadows are really soft and delicate, so you want to be careful when using this palette, the acrylic compressors that come with it aren’t proving very useful to me at the moment as they prevent the magnetic fastening of the palette from closing, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep them there, but it’s good that they have thought of some kind of solution for the fall out.

DSC_4103 (600x399)

Here’s a look I created using this palette along with Sugarpill Poison Plum brows and Illamasqua Sangres lipstick, what do you think?

DSC_4096 (600x399)

DSC_4098 (600x399)

The palette is just £22.95 and available in the UK from CutECOsmetics right now along with individual shadows and intensely pigmented lipglosses in a bunch of weird colours.

What do you think of this brand? Let me know what you think in a comment or a tweet @JayneKitsch

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Outfit Post: Dr. Martens Tartan Dress and Sugar & Vice Planet Necklace

So, it’s October and it’s still not cold enough for a coat? What’s that all about? Well, it’s raining today in Brighton but yesterday it was another super sunny day, fresh with a cold air but still no need for boots or a coat. We headed to the local park so that Miz could practise sliding on the skateboard and we grabbed a few photos of my latest dress purchase from Dr. Martens. Although this dress was purchased as part of their Summer collection, it’s clearly more of a Winter number which I’m pretentiously going to label as transitional. I’m SO fashion.



The dress is gorgeous, it’s a brushed cotton tartan which buttons through with pearly buttons, the skirt is pleated and it has some skinny belt loops which I’ve filled with a Forever 21 red skinnny belt which has start shapes punched out of it. I’ve accessorised with burgundy coloured cable knit tights and my beat up Converse. The bag is a fox/owl depending on which way you look at it and you can find this all over the internet! I’ve stolen the hat from Miz, I don’t know where it was from originally.

Outfit2The dress was quite pricey at around £65, but it’s such a classic and lovely soft fabric that I think it’s totally justified. Plus, it fits me really well with a good skirt length too. It’s totally worth spending a bit more on something if you love it, especially if the quality is good as you know you can keep it in your wardrobe for years and still whip it out when you need a staple, easy to wear item.

Outfit3My Sugar & Vice solar system necklace fits perfectly with the colours in the tartan so I think it’s a great choice to go with it, this beauty gets ALOT of wear! Make up wise, I’m wearing Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet on my lips and a metallic green liner from Kiko Cosmetics for eyeliner flicks. You can’t really see them here but I’ve got blue/green ombre brows using Sugarpill. My base is a mixture of Smashbox BB Concealer and Balance Me BB Cream.

Liked this blog post? Drop me a tweet @JayneKitsch of be all old school and leave me a comment below. 

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Outfit Post: Romwe, Black Milk and Irregular Choice by Eleanor Jay

So, here’s the second set of photos that I did with awesome photographer, Eleanor Jay and this time it’s an outfit that I’ve worn on a couple of nights out. We found more colourful walls to shoot against around Shoreditch, which make the most awesome backdrops to outfit photos. I’ll have to go and explore some more when I’m getting Miz to shoot outfits for me. black milk mermaid leggings in green romwe black cat boob dress irregular choice bronze cat wedges sugar and vice gemstone necklace rocknrose giant flower crown jayne kitsch jayne robinson jayne's kitschen outfit post

This outfit, I’m dubbing my cat fish outfit, for obvious reasons. The dress is a cheap one from Romwe which I got from their Amazon shop, it took a while to come as it gets sent from abroad (not sure where) but it’s awesome. It’s quite a small fit and the fabric isn’t the greatest but I adore the cute cat boobs and simple shape. Although it’s lined it’s that kind of fabric that gets static easily, which is a tad annoying, but the cuteness outweighs that fact.

The leggings are the third appearance of my beloved Black Milk mermaid leggings, they are clearly the best thing I’ve ever bought and I love how they brighten up this simple but kooky dress. Shoes are bronze cat wedges from Irregular Choice, which I’ve featured before, they have tails and whiskers! black milk mermaid leggings in green romwe black cat boob dress irregular choice bronze cat wedges sugar and vice gemstone necklace rocknrose giant flower crown jayne kitsch jayne robinson jayne's kitschen outfit post

I’m loving this acrylic necklace at the moment which is from Sugar & Vice, they’ve got this style in a variety of sizes and colours. This one is their medium sized cluster is awesome bright colours, it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite things. Sugar & Vice make tons of awesome acrylic jewellery which is great quality and comes boxed too, I’d highly recommend that you check them out! I would quite happily add every single piece on their website to my ever growing collection of acrylic jewellery.

black milk mermaid leggings in green romwe black cat boob dress irregular choice bronze cat wedges sugar and vice gemstone necklace rocknrose giant flower crown jayne kitsch jayne robinson jayne's kitschen outfit post

The flower crown is a giant fabric one from Rock’n’Rose, which I’ve worn alot, they are expensive but they are great quality and more versatile than you think. I didn’t think I’d wear it as much as I do, it’s seen a lot of action, which is why it’s currently got a few splats of UV paint on it, remnants of a awesome New Year’s Eve with Lina.

Make up wise, I used Eyeko Liquid Metal in Black to do dramatic liner, did my brows purple with Sugarpill 2am from the Heart Breaker palette, cheeks using Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Sophie and lips in Lime Crime Poisonberry.

black milk mermaid leggings in green romwe black cat boob dress irregular choice bronze cat wedges sugar and vice gemstone necklace rocknrose giant flower crown jayne kitsch jayne robinson jayne's kitschen outfit post

And then here’s me with my new dinosaur paste up friend avec blue New Look hoodie…

black milk mermaid leggings in green romwe black cat boob dress irregular choice bronze cat wedges sugar and vice gemstone necklace rocknrose giant flower crown jayne kitsch jayne robinson jayne's kitschen outfit post

Have you got anything from Romwe or Black Milk?

Who are your favourite indie jewellery brands?

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneKitsch

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