Promote the Hell Out Podcast by Miz Trujillo

Welcome to Promote the Hell Out of It, a podcast by Miz Trujillo

Hi, my name is Misael Trujillo.

I talk to interesting people about the interesting things they get up to; and yes, I purposefully keep that vague, but if you’re wondering, you can expect musicians, artists, writers, activists, small business owners and everyone in between as guests. We talk about people and things worth promoting, as well as about how to promote them.

Where can you listen to the full episodes?

Promote the Hell Out of It, the podcast is available on all the usual podcasting platforms including: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, acast and Buzzsprout. You can also listen to the full episodes, snippets and bonus content on YouTube too! Don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of future episodes.

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