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Here’s Some Stuff That Has Dinosaurs On…

Yes, I am indeed extremely excited for the fact that there’s a new Jurassic Park coming out and that it’s got Chris Pratt it in. Jurassic Park is definitely one of my all time favourite, easy going, fun and nostalgic film franchises, even though most of the sequels are a bit dodgy the main thing is that it had dinosaurs in it and it was one of the things that made me want to be some sort of archaeologist when I grew up, which obviously didn’t work out.


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Retro Nostalgic Jewellery from Indie Brands

Back in the day, at the start of Jayne’s Kitschen, one of the things I did the most was that I featured lots of indie fashion brands and local events around crafters and indie fashion. Since I’ve gotten involved with beauty, this original theme has gone on the back burner a bit. However, it’s still […]

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Beauty News: Ted Baker Launch Gold Beauty Accessories

Here’s a short post for you to let you know that fashion brand Ted Baker are expanding their beauty collection within Boots stores this month. As of 28th January you’ll be able to find a stunning range of gold colour beauty accessories within Boots stores and online at Boots.com. The line up includes tweezers, eye […]

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Cute Kitchen Accessories

One of the signs that I’m getting older is that I’ve started to get more excited by buying home accessories that clothes sometimes. As vintage inspired designs become fashionable again, there are some super cute things turning up on the high street and some really amazing stuff knocking about. I thought I’d pull together some […]

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Brilliant Blue Designer Accessories

Inspired by the start of London Fashion Week, I thought I’d share with you a selection of beautiful designer accessories that have caught my eye. I love the colour blue so thought I’d colour theme this Polyvore set. I’ve just discovered fashion website, Avenue 32 so all of these accessories at Avenue 32. I don’t […]

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