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Testing Times: Animal Testing Illamasqua Article

So, this year I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to the Illamasqua magazine. I wrote an article about animal testing, some of you may have seen it in print, but for those of you who didn’t, I’ve decided to publish it here too, as I’ve had a few requests for a digital […]

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For the Customer or the Cash?

Ok, so by now you’ve heard that Urban Decay have withdrawn their recent plans to sell in China, which would have meant that they would legally have had to start testing on animals, if you don’t know the full story, you can read all about it on British Beauty Blogger. Basically, they announced they would […]

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My Insight: Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Ok, so yes, this is yet another blog post reacting to the shockingly dramatic animal testing awareness window that Lush conducted this week, I don’t want to post photos of it, because to be frank, it’s pretty horrific. But if you would like to read more about the campaign that has triggered this post, there […]

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