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How to Care for Over-processed and Damaged Hair

So, I recently discovered what happens when you mess with your hair too much and am in the process of bringing it back to health, thought this might be a useful post for many of you. I bleached my hair for the first time ever about three months ago and then made the mistake of doing three other strong treatments within a week of it, with the dye I use (typically Directions semi-permanent) it doesn’t harm your hair and it’s very conditioning, but when you use something strong with chemicals like peroxide or ammonia in them, that’s when things can get messy.

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Argan 5 + Precious Oil Elixir Review

One of my discoveries last year was how much I love using oils on my hair and skin. I’ve always got one on the go, I find them super useful for smoothing any wispy bits of hair, restoring dry ends of hair, boosting the performance of your regular moisturiser and they are my all time favourite thing […]

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Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle

I tweeted about this at the weekend as I was so surprised with it. I’m really not into body moisturisers, frankly because I can’t be bothered with the faff and don’t feel like I need to. However, because this one was from Nourish, which is a brand that I’ve been really impressed with I thought […]

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Bodhi Desert Rose Rejuvenating Facial Oil

After the Bodhi event earlier in the month I’ve been giving the new Desert Rose Rejuventation Facial Oil a go, since trying the Nourish Argan Rescue Oil I’ve been addicted to facial oils, I really notice the difference in my skin quicker than using a cream and enjoy using something that feels so concentrated. First off, you’ve […]

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Nourish Treatment Argan Skin Rescue Facial Oil

As some of you will know, I’ve had trouble with my skin recently due to illness, it’s left me with quite a bit of redness, under the skin spots and a bit of scarring, particularly on my forehead. I’ve been on the look out for anything that can help calm this down, so when I […]

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The Miraculous Hair Routine

So everyone is familiar with the Tangle Teezer right? As usual, I was super sceptical, I didn’t want to spend a tenner on a plastic brush that looks like something my sister would use to clean the horses, I completely put the good reviews down to fantastic PR and marketing and not much else, sad […]

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Review: VitaBella Anti Ageing Face Mask Treatment

This week I was lucky enough to get to meet Iain and Suzanne of new skin care brand, VitaBella. VitaBella is made in Puglia, Italy using locally sourced ingredients, hand picked and processed within two hours of being in the field, for the ultimate freshness of ingredients. The core ingredient of the VitaBella range is […]

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Review: Argan Oil & Macadamia Oil for Long Hair

As you may be aware I hate going to the hairdressers and love very long hair, because of this, I’ve been experimenting with ways to keep my long hair in good condition so as to avoid going for a trim and also to improve it’s general condition and appearance. My hair is currently just above […]

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