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A year on from my blog re-brand…

Facebook memories popped up today to remind me that it’s been a year now since I re-branded my blog in both name, branding and design. I thought it’d be interesting to take this moment to evaluate what difference this made to my site and if it was worth it. I know it’s one of those things that bloggers always stress over a lot, so may be helpful to some of you, I imagine this will ramble into some kind of rant too.

giphyJake from Adventure Time being excited by shiny new things from GIPHY.

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When Good Brands Go Bad

Ok, this is another rant coming your way. I love brands, marketing, design, the whole shebang when it comes to creating a iconic label. I’m fascinated by the creative process that goes into things that most of us take for granted. I’m lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to experience the process first hand in […]

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