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The Blue Legume, Upper Street, Islington, London

This week I went to meet up with Sally from The Cafe Cat in Islington for a lovely lunch. We headed the The Blue Legume on Upper Street, just a short walk between Angel and Highbury and Islington stations. This restaurant and juice bar is part of a small chain with other locations in Stoke […]

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Maison Trois Garcons: Redchurch Street, London

On my second day living in Shoreditch, I met up with my lovely friend Frances, who’s live in this part of East London for quite a while. It was so awesome, to be able to leave the house only ten minutes before our meet up time and casually stroll down to Shoreditch High Street, via […]

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McVitie’s Breakfast Biscuits

What do you do for breakfast? If you’re anything like me you’d much rather spend the precious morning hours in bed or faffing with your make up than bothering with breakfast. I always have breakfast at work in the week, so tend to keep something in my desk drawers to start the morning with. Sometimes it’s […]

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