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Here’s some nude lipsticks that I don’t hate…

One of the beauty things that I’ve never quite gotten is nude lipstick. Why would I want to wear a neutral coloured lipstick when I can have COLOUR!? However, in the past couple of weeks I’ve stumbled on a few nude lipsticks that have been a bit of a beauty revelation for me. To me, nude lipstick generally means brown lipstick, or pale pink which looks bizarre on top of too much tan and a look that I personally really dislike. However, recently I’ve found a few pink nudes (that’s what I’m going to call them) which I’ve actually been loving.

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Testing out Kiko Cosmetics Generation Next with some Sugarpill yumminess…

If you’re looking for an affordable beauty brand that delivers great colour range and quality, Kiko Cosmetics definitely hits close to the top of that list, everything I’ve tried I’ve been impressed with and every collection they release shows a diverse range of textures, product innovation and colour range, there really is something to suit everyone.

Look 1 Makeup4

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