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Using Your Audience To Inspire Change…

I’ve been pondering this post for a while now and even now not sure how it’s going to pan out, but I felt that it was an important post to write as it applies to so many different people. What I want to discuss today is about how anyone with an audience needs to take responsibility to use that audience and influence to create goodness and positivity in the world, there’s so many ways this can be done and I don’t think we consider this enough.

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Philip Armstrong Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger Scarf for Charity

Ok, so a few weeks ago I received a mysterious email from Kellogg’s, at first I was very confused, thinking they must have missed the pun in my blog title and assuming that I was a food blog again! But, surprisingly, they were email me because of something fashion related! I’ve been intrigued and excited since the […]

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Bobbi Brown Pink Peony Kit for Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s that time of year again when every shops goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, I just had to blog this offering from Bobbi Brown. In memory of Evelyn Lauder who passed away earlier this year, Bobbi Brown are launching the Pink Peony Kit on the 1st October. Retailing at £35, the lovely people at […]

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Doing Something Nice: Jayne’s Charity Raffle for Barnardo’s

Ok, so when I was at High School, one of my main activities in my spare time was raising money for charity. I was on the board of a environmental project and helped raised funds for so many good causes, it occurred to me this weekend, that is has been a long while since I […]

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