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Sunset Hair Using Colour Freedom Orange Sorbet, Mystic Purple and Crimson Red

So last week I had my hair dyed in the salon and unfortunately the colour only lasted one wash, not entirely sure why but I believe it’s something to do with a bleach based product being used and not neutralising properly before a colour was put on, apparently as I have natural red tones in my hair, my hair is more likely to do weird things like this. Anyway, it just meant that I had to dye my own hair sooner than planned and boy am I glad I did!

Sunset Ombre Red Purple and Orange Hair with Colour Freedom Orange Sorbet, Mystic Purple and Crimson Red DIY Hair Colour by Jayne Robinson, Jayne Kitsch

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Bright Orange Hair Using Superdrug Ultra Brights Outrageous Orange

The problem with lightening your hair or bleaching it before putting another shade on is that it almost always means that your colour fades pretty quick for the first few dying attempts. It’s because your hair is in a compromised condition, the follicle is open which means that the colour particles don’t always stay put. I find you can solve this by a combination of layers of the same colour tones or lots of conditioning treatments. My hair was feeling a bit drab a few weeks ago, so thought I’d pick up a Superdrug Ultra Brights shade to try at the bargain price of £2.99 a tube.

orange hair dye review and swatch superdrug own brand ultra brights outrageous orange jayne kitsch jayne robinson


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Looking After Dyed and Damaged Hair

I really cannot believe how quickly so many people dive into bleaching their hair and then wonder why their hair is so broken after treating it so badly. I don’t think many people realise the significant amount of care and caution you need to sign up to when you commit to a drastic hair change. So, here I’m going to share some more words of wisdom for you from my personal experience on how to best look after dry, damaged, bleached and over processed hair, hair a bit like Jem’s here…

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