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Marceline the Vampire Queen Adventure Time Make Up

So this weekend, I’m supposed to be at MCM ComicCon, unfortunately our car broke down and we had no affordable mode of transport and had to spend out comic buying money on car parts instead. Instead of bringing you a MCM post, I thought I’d show you something cosplay inspired instead. My second Adventure Time costume in the works, Marceline the Vampire Queen!

marceline the vampire queen adventure time cosplay make up jayne kitsch jayne robinson fancy dress

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Poison Ivy Fancy Dress Cosplay and Make Up

So last week it was my birthday and last night I had my birthday party at Roadhouse in Covent Garden with a film and TV character fancy dress theme. For my costume I finally got to recreate the fabulous Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy, I love dressing up but just haven’t had the opportunity to do […]

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True Blood Merlotte’s Waitress Costume

I’m back! I’ve been really busy lately with work and with family. I’ve not had time to do any blog photos or much of my usual research, so thought I’d bring you a fun, Polyvore inspired blog post today. I’m currently having True Blood withdrawal symptoms having just finished watching series five online, which was […]

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