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Outfit Post: Yumi Bird Print Collared Dress and George Fox Bag

It really is a challenge to do outfit posts at this time of year, it’s a blogger cliche but it’s so true! Natural light makes life so much easier. It’s even more challenging when you run out of batteries for your external flash which is usually the life saver in this situation. Anyway, time for a new outfit post shot by Miz in the hallways of our block of flats, turned out pretty nice.

jayne kitsch yumi wednesday adams inspired collared dress from house of fraser, tatty devine lolly pop necklace, doc martens and fox bag from george at asda outfit post


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The Satchel Wishlist

You know I’ve been after a Satchel for ages? Well, I still don’t have one, but I have spent an awful lot of time looking at them, so thought some of you would enjoy my pick of the best satchels that I’ve found. Zatchel Satchels I originally stumbled upon Zatchel on a trip to Libery […]

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October Wish List

Here’s another little Wishlist blog from me, the things that I would most like to purchase on Pay Day, although, I’m trying to decide if I should wait and see if anyone gets them me for Christmas? These are my 100% must haves from my browsing of October. Whether I’ll actually treat myself to any […]

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