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Zoya Glitter Nail Polish in Staasi Review

God I’ve gotten poor at blogging, I know I need to get back on track with regular posting as it really is the most effective way to maintain a good following and consistent figures, although that’s not important for everyone, as a freelancer it’s a useful way to maintain a extra income source and I’ve […]

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Baukjen Black Ruched Jersey Dress with Black Milk Mermaid Leggings in Limited Green with Red or Dead Multi Strap Black Shoes and Janine Basil Nyan Cat Headband and Pixel Heart Necklace on Jayne Kitsch with Orange Hair

Outfit Post: Baukjen, Janine Basil and Black Milk Mermaid Legs

Hooray for another proper outfit post photo set thanks to the awesome Miz! And yes, no natural day light required because I’ve got a flash gun and a white wall for epic photo-ness with minimal effort and without the fear of freezing my ass off on the streets of Shoreditch. This is my outfit from […]

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Beauty News: Eylure Katy Perry Colour Pop Eyelashes

I’m not a frequent false user wearer, however, I do completely love them. They make any lashes look a gazillion times better and make you feel glamorous. I loved the original Katy Perry range for the Eylure with it’s candy colour packaging and range of wearable lashes designed in collaboration with Katy herself. In January 2013, […]

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ncLA Nail Wraps Last Call?…I Don’t Think So Review

Nail Wraps can be so hit and miss, I’ve tried some that have been terrible and others that have been great. When I was sent these new nail wraps from CutECOsmetics to try from American nail brand ncLA, I didn’t know what to expect as I had never heard of the brand before. Theses are […]

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Butter London Nail Polish Jack the Lad Review and Swatch

I’ve been admiring Butter London nail polishes every since I first spotted them, so I’m excited to review my first ever one. I love the brand, it’s beautifully packaged and everything has fun names. Plus, all of the polishes are 3 free, which means that they are non-toxic. In addition, Butter London is inspired by […]

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Green Eyeshadow with Graphic Eyeliner Flicks

This is something I’ve not done in a while. Last week I had some rare, spare time before work so I decided to do a creative make up look for the day to match my new Orla Kiely pear print t shirt. I was watching a Lisa Eldridge tutorial on graphic eyeliner so thought I […]

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Make Up Tips: Colour Correction

After last week’s wonderful make up masterclasses, I’ve given some of the tips I learnt a try at home and thought I’d bring them to you in a series of posts so that you can learn something new too. My first tip comes from the Illamasqua Make Up Lesson on Saturday. Claire of Illamasqua recommended […]

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Review: Colour Clip In Hair Extensions

Ok, so we all know that I generally suck at doing hair. So, when I find something simple that I can manage that can give me a new look I jump at it. I’ve managed to do the dip dye with blue Directions hair dye for myself, but it’s not always practical to do  proper […]

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Wedding Wednesday: The Car

So, here is the third in my little series documenting my wedding, which happened on the 24th May 2010, at Oulton Hall in Leeds. This week, I’m sharing with you our unconventional choice of wedding car. Because we wanted candy colours and a retro, vintage theme to the wedding, we chose to go for a […]

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Review: 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Green

How excited am I to bring you this review?! I’ve been looking out to purchase this for ages as I was so intrigued by the blogs I’ve read about magnetic nail polish prior to the release of the affordable versions. I’m pleased to bring you this review, the week that the 17 Magnetized Nail Polishes […]

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