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Outfit Post: Bournemouth Beach

This week, I joined Miz (my boyfriend) and his band, Grayscale on a couple of tour dates, I took over their Twitter and Instagram whilst I was there, it was lots of fun despite the weather being pretty crap most of the time and getting home super late. Anyway, yesterday we were in Bournemouth, we […]

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Back To School

Ok, so American Apparel had this great pleated school skirt in store, it fitted me perfectly and I loved it but it was £50! No way was I going to pay that for one skirt! Been pondering whether to splurge or not on it for a while, since I just got my birthday money. But […]

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What Would Emma Pilsbury Wear?

This post is inspired by this blog that I found, that goes by the above name, here’s the link: http://wwepw.blogspot.com/ It’s referring to the character Emma Pilsbury from the TV show Glee, if you don’t already know that! Here she is, isn’t she lovely? Plus she’s a red head which makes her even lovelier! Anyway she’s […]

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