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Outfit Post: Yumi Bird Print Collared Dress and George Fox Bag

It really is a challenge to do outfit posts at this time of year, it’s a blogger cliche but it’s so true! Natural light makes life so much easier. It’s even more challenging when you run out of batteries for your external flash which is usually the life saver in this situation. Anyway, time for a new outfit post shot by Miz in the hallways of our block of flats, turned out pretty nice.

jayne kitsch yumi wednesday adams inspired collared dress from house of fraser, tatty devine lolly pop necklace, doc martens and fox bag from george at asda outfit post


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Bras: The Struggle

Do you know what else sucks about putting on weight for the first time ever? Bras! So, you’ve spent years building up a wardrobe and great quality, quirky, timeless pieces and the underwear to go with it. Once none of that fits anymore you’re screwed. A good bra is so essential and the first thing you notice when you start to gain weight is the discomfort that an ill-fitting bra can cause.


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Rose & Co Sugar Mouse Rose Scented Guest Soaps Review

I’m back! Sorry if you’ve missed me, but as some of you will know, things have been a bit strange for me lately and lots of things have been changing. I’m just trying to get back into a normal routine now, so hopefully I’ll be back into the swing of blogging regularly, very, very soon. […]

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